We started WOODSTRK in early 2019 with the intention of creating minimalistic & modern sustainable swimwear pieces, for those who like to dress ethically & sustainably without having to compromise on style. Each collection features a mix of unique designs, playful patterns & feminine cuts – made from regenerated fishing nets & other discarded materials once destined for oceans and landfills. Designed in Germany, responsibly made in Northern Portugal.

Women’s, Swimwear

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Founded In: 2019
Founder, Owner: Katrin Anna Bielawski + Finn Hartwich
Empowerment: Women-led, Small-Business


Fair Trade

Being sustainable & ethical in both product and process is at the heart of our brand. Our swimwear production takes place in a small socially responsible factory in northern Portugal, where nearly 100% of the energy needed for production is generated by their own solar panels. Like us, they believe that together we can make a difference to leave a lighter footprint on this planet. We have established a very strong & close relationship with our partners within a relatively short span of time. In addition to being in contact on a daily basis, we make sure to visit the factory one or two times a year to discuss upcoming collections and say hi to everyone in person. Like us, they believe that sustainable & ethical production is the only way forward. Nearly 100% of the energy needed for production is generated by their own solar panels. 


We ship plastic-free & have incorporated a “Re-use” option where our customers can choose to receive their order in a previously used box. This way we give boxes a second chance while cutting down waste at the same time.

DEZ Eco Material 21_2

Materials / Ingredients


Made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon that turns waste once destined for oceans & landfills into swimwear pieces that are made to last a long time. As well as being a solution on waste, ECONYL® regenerated nylon reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with the material from oil. The fabric itself (produced in Italy) is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretch, soft & breathable. It’s also extremely resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils, which further adds to its longevity. Achieves Oeko-Tex Standard 100, meaning it is free from any harmful chemicals.


Made in Italy using 100% recycled polyester from pre and post-consumer materials. This fabric offers the same benefits as the VITA fabric, meaning it’s a long-lasting, high-quality material that offers strong resistence to chlorine & sunscreen as well as high UV protection. Also achieves Oeko Tex Standard 100.

We make our own Scrunchies from excess fabric gained during the cutting process.


No animal-derived products are used in the production of our products.

Charity Social Integration

Give Back

We donate 10% of profits to Rainforest Trust & are members of the Rainforest Trust Conservation Circle. Partners include corporations and organizations who support conservation and want to make a positive difference for our planet.



Maya Bikini Top 75€

Material: ECONYL®

Toni Bikini Top 69€

Material: ECONYL®

Amelia Bikini Botttom 59€

Material: ECONYL®

Amelia Bikini Bottom 59€

Material: ECONYL®


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