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We Tested The Natural Hand Cream From Studio Botanic

We Tested The Natural Hand Cream From Studio Botanic

studio botanic

You probably know all too well when the ingredients list on a product reads like a foreign language. Rather than such questionable chemicals, the natural cosmetic manufacturer STUDIO BOTANIC from Germany uses only 100% plant-based ingredients. Without adding any non-natural or animal-based elements. Simple as that! We tried their natural hand cream and instantly loved it. Keep scrolling to learn about the benefits of the vegan certified STUDIO BOTANIC HAND CREAM.

studio botanic

100% Plant-based

“Less is more”: The Cologne-based natural cosmetic manufacturer STUDIO BOTANIC carefully selects natural raw ingredients for their products. Not all too many. And without testing on animals or adding any harmful chemicals.

  • Intense Moisture

    Rich high-quality avocado oil, olive oil, and Glycerine are quickly absorbed into the skin, keeping your hands moisturized and soft, without leaving a greasy feeling. So good because you don’t have to wait until you can use your smartphone or type on your keyboard. And when you wash your hands shortly after applying it, no problem! 

  • Full Protection

    Unsaturated fatty acids in avocado and olive oil protect your skin from oxidative stress and support cell regeneration. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect which is great for cracked, rough and itchy hands. Plus, the vegan wax aka candelilla wax, carnauba wax and myrica fruit wax strengthen your skin.

  • Vitamin Boost

    The avocado oil and citrus extracts in the cream provide your skin with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, E, D, C, and Q10. 

  • Subtle Botanical Scent

    Mandarine, peppermint, citrus, and bitter orange oil. – Yes, it smells like it sounds like. Absolutely delicious! Besides, these oils are antibacterial and (surprise) have a mood-enhancing effect. Don’t think that we are weird, but in the beginning, we couldn’t stop smelling our hands. Mmmm.

Natural hand cream

Sustainable Design

STUDIO BOTANIC uses aluminum tubes for their creams to prevent the formation of germs in the product. Following their “less is more” approach, the design is kept to a minimum. Timeless and unisex, the natural cosmetic brand wishes to address all genders. So you can also hand this cream over to your boyfriends, dads, and brothers. They will like it – pinky promise.

Made In Germany

In everything they do, STUDIO BOTANIC is 100% transparent. They consciously choose local, social and environmentally-friendly production. All of their products are vegan certified, of high quality and manufactured in Cologne, Germany.

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Available Online

To avoid long distribution chains, you can easily order both hand creams the STUDIO BOTANIC HAND CREAM and the STUDIO BOTANIC COLD CREAM (perfect for the cold winter!) on Amazon or at the wonderful store LOVELY DAY. Oh, and we have some good news: STUDIO BOTANIC will launch their first facial cream in December. And in 2019 we can officially spoil our hands even before applying cream with the STUDIO BOTANIC HAND SOAP. Are you as excited as we are?

studio botanic natural hand cream

Advertorial, Photos: MOCHNI.COM, Hand photo: Mia Windisch-Graetz, Upcycled leather pouch by Majavia.

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