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Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe by Guest Author Anna

Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe by Guest Author Anna

May I introduce you my favorite dish – a vegan buddha bowl! Buddha bowls are so colorful. They are delicious. And with their high variety of ingredients make them super healthy.
What should be in a great buddha bowl?

To get a great buddha bowl you wanna take some gluten free carbohydrates like rice, corn or potatoes. For a well-balanced buddha bowl, it is a must to add a protein source. For a plant based diet that could be tofu, lentils or check peas. With vegetables, you do not only bring color to your dish but add a bunch of vitamins as well. To round off your buddha bowl you should make a dip or a sauce on your own. Hummus is here the classic one. But there are not limits to imagination – go and get creative if you like to! To finish your bowl you can add some health toppings. I like for example sesame seeds or sprouts.

– 1 cup rice
– 1 can chick peas
– 1 spoon coconut oil 1 fresh red chili
– 1 mango
– 1 avocado
– salat
– salt, garlic

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1. Cook the rice. (If you take wild rice, just like I did, this might take up to 45 minutes.)
2. Preheat the oven to 200 °C. Pour off the liquid of the can chick peas. Spread the chick peas on a baking tray, add a little bit oil and salt and put the tray in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.
3. Cut the chili in two parts, remove the inner part and slice it into thin pieces. Free the mango from the core, remove the skin and cut the fruit plump into cubes. Heat up the spoon coconut oil in a pan. First, fry the chili slices for a short moment on their own and then add the mango cubes. Season the mango with garlic and salt. Put everything in a cup to purée the hole mass.
4. Start to fill your bowl with the rice. Place the chick peas right next to it. Fill the rest with salat. Top the vegan buddha bowl with an avocado and the chili mango sauce.
5. Enjoy your Buddha Bowl!

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