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Use Less Stuff With Swap Society And Go Circular

Use Less Stuff With Swap Society And Go Circular

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Today is Use Less Stuff Day. And hearing that an average American throws away around 82 lbs aka 37 kg every year left us shocked. Do you have some clothes at home you no longer wear? Are they still in a good shape but you either fell out of love with them or they just don’t fit you perfectly any more? Well, we think then it’s time for a clothing swap! 

clothing swap remode swap society nicole robertson
Swap Society co-founder Nicole Robertson, right: Swap Society at ReMode Image: MOCHNI

We went to see the ReMode summit (Instagram: @remode) in Los Angeles where we crossed paths with Swap Society (Instagram: @swapsociety) this Wednesday. Different than at swap parties with friends, you have a wider range of clothes to choose from and meet new people too! Luckily, we got to talk to, co-founder of Swap Society“We love fashion, but we are also extremely concerned about the impact the fashion industry has on people and on the environment,” she said. “We created Swap Society to make it fun and easy for women to refresh their wardrobes without buying something new.” Great: at Swap Society you can also easily swap online! And here’s how it works:

1. Become A Member

And join online here.

clothing swap remode swap society amber valletta nicole robertson patrick duffy global fashion exchange
From left: Amber Valletta, Swap Society co-founder Nicole Robertson, entrepreneur Amy Labowitz & GFX-founder Patrick Duffy right: Swap Society at ReMode Image: MOCHNI

2. Get A Welcome Kit

Including a mail-in bag + pre-paid shipping label for 1st shipment.

3. Send Your Pre-Loved Items

Send in good quality garments from women’s & kids to baby clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Without stains, rips/tears, odors, or alterations! Check what they don’t accept here

clothing swap remode swap society

4. Get what you give

You get points, depending on the quality & conditions of the items you send in. With these points, you can either take something of equal value out or collect your points and take something of higher value or many other things later on. As you wish.

5. Enjoy The Benefits

Clean out your closet, reduce your environmental impact by wearing new second-hand clothes and save a lot of money!

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clothing swap remode swap society michelleforgood clara sharma iconable
Left: Michelle @michelleforgood swapping clothes with Clara Founder & CEO of @theiconable

6. Take Part In Swap Offline Events

Get notifications and take part in swap offline events at ReMode or the Fair Trade Fashion Show in Los Angeles!

Together with their partner Global Fashion Exchange (GFX) their mission for 2018 is to save 1 million lbs. of clothing from being discarded. So what are you waiting for? Help them reach their goal and join them! #SWAPBEFOREYOUSHOP

Text: Mia Windisch-Graetz

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