Bags & Accessories, Face Masks

Products For: Unisex
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Founded in: 2015
Empowerment: Small-Business, Woman-Led
CEO: Yara Mohsen Farouk Yassin


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Brand Story

Up-fuse is a fully-fledged-cult brand and social enterprise created in celebration of You and this beautiful planet – Earth. In 2013 Up-fuse started with Yara and Rania’s passion for material exploration and a need to reuse the disposed plastic waste in Egypt. The duo realized the capacity to go beyond making an environmental impact and the idea of designing and producing a local product that revolutionizes Egyptian handcrafts became very appealing. With much sweat and support the abstract idea manifested into an environmentally-conscious social-enterprise that applies a slow-fashion model, reducing waste through ethical production and supporting local artisans and women


Up-fuse is 90% women employed. We have managed to provide over 50 job opportunities by working with 3 NGOs and some talented, yet previously unappreciated, Egyptian hand-craft artisans.
Up-fuse has upcycled over 500,000 plastic bags since it initiated. The process begins with collecting disposed plastic bags and plastics production waste through sustainable collaborations between the brand and Cairo Garbage City, plastic production factories and plastic bag donations from the wonderful people who believe in a greener earth.

Up-fuse is made from 90% women. We work with men and women from all races with no discrimination. Women and Men are equally payed.
We also work on freelance bases with refugees from Neighboring countries like Syria, Nigeria, and Sudan.

Up-fuse upcycles plastic bags into a leather like material. Each Bag up-cycles from 10-30 plastic bag. No dyes are added to the process.

Up-fuse produces ALL its products from Material to End product in Cairo, Egypt.

Up-fuse material is made by Women from one of the biggest landfills in the world.
Our semi handmade material is a new craft Up-fuse has introduced to the community for women to have a safe stable income.

Up-fuse provides Repair service, and up-cycle our textile & plastic material leftover material into products.

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