Bags & Accessories, Clothing

Products For: Kids, Women
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Founded in: 2017
Empowerment: Small-Business, Woman-Led
CEO: Laura Meijering

Brand Story

UNRAVELAU is a high-end fashion brand established in 2017 by the designer Laura Meijering who believes that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to make conscious choices. While each collection is unique, they are all designed with care for the planet. Our garments are handcrafted in The Netherlands and made of natural and upcycled materials only. At UNRAVELAU, we believe that every little step counts – together with you, we unravel the fashion industry. One garment at a time.


All our garments are handmade and locally manufactured under fair working conditions in our atelier in the Netherlands. Our materials are either post-consumer textiles directly sourced in Almere or from carefully chosen certified partners. We work together with an agency that helps us to make sure that all our fabrics have been produced under fair conditions, including a safe work environment and living wages.

UNRAVELAU is a brand that is led by women and wants to empower them. We have a zero tolerance for discrimination and want to ensure that in our atelier as well as within our supply chain everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of their gender, origin, skin color, belief, or sexuality.

Whenever we are using newly produced materials, we make sure they are all natural, organic, free of toxins, and cruelty-free. These materials include GOTS-certified organic cotton, ahimsa silk, hemp, tencel and linen.

Protecting our planet’s valuable resources is one of our biggest concerns. We believe in the power of reusing materials and decided to work with post-consumer textiles and upcycle them into new, beautiful garments.

All our garments are locally manufactured in our atelier in the Netherlands.

At UNRAVELAU we have a zero waste policy for our production. To achieve that, we work with zero-waste patterns for our designs and collect production leftovers like cut-off threads so they can be reused for new one-of-a-kind creations. To counteract overproduction, we work with a made-to-order system: we only produce garments after they have been ordered. This is not only better for the environment, but also allows us to give each piece the attention and care it deserves and make individual alterations upon request.

At Unravelau we think inspiration and education are of big importance. Therefor we educate children about the fast fashion industry's negative effect on our planet and how to change this into a positive contribution.

Listed: 2 January 2021
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