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Tutorial: Organic Holiday Makeup With NUI Cosmetics

Tutorial: Organic Holiday Makeup With NUI Cosmetics

It is time to glam up your beauty routine because the holidays season is on and Christmas is right around the corner. We show you how a super simple and glamorous look is done with natural beauty products by one of our favorite brands Nui Cosmetics.

Keep reading to find out how it’s done!

1 nui holiday makeup Step 1/7:
Put some of the Nui liquid foundation in your hands and massage it into your face. If you apply the foundation with your hands you will spend less than with a sponge as it absorbs a lot of product. Make sure you massage the foundation into the skin until it evenly covers all areas.

2 natural eye brow gel nui

Step 2/7:
Rest your eyebrows with the Nui natural brow sculpt and a brush and comb them up with an eyebrow brush.

3 eyeshadow nuiStep 3/7:
Dab the Nui illusion cream eyeshadow with your fingertip overall your eyelids. This creamy eyeshadow is easily to apply and brightens your eyes. You may use it as highlighter, too: Apply it onto the upper cheekbones, back of the nose or under the eyebrows and blend out the light texture to all sides.

4 mascara nui

Step 4/7:
Apply one or two coats of the black Nui mascara to your upper and lower lashes.

5 nui lipstick

Step 5/7:
Apply the red Nui lipstick on your lips. Repeat this process a few times until the color looks strong.

6 rouge nui holiday makeup

Step 6/7:
Smile 🙂 ! Dab 2 points of the Nui cream blush on the high part of your apple cheeks with your finger tips and blend it lightly. The Pititi cream blush gives you a very fresh glow.

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7 nui powder holiday look

Step 7/7:
For the final touch up, simply apply the natural Nui setting powder on your t-zone.

8 holiday makeup tutorial mochni

Now, you are finished and it´s time to sparkle all season long.

Happy Festive Season!

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