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Traditional Thai Healing: 3 Skincare Tips From Thailand

Traditional Thai Healing: 3 Skincare Tips From Thailand

Here are 3 traditional healing tips for the skin which have been used in Thailand since ever. I got to use all three of them when I was in Thailand 1 week ago. Read further to get to know the most traditional skincare therapies from Thailand.

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1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most popular healing plant on earth. Thanks to its hydrating and cooling benefits it is perfect after a sunburn and for allaying inflammations. Read more about Aloe Vera the healing plant and how to apply it onto the skin in our article here.

2. Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Charcoal is the new detoxifying beauty ingredient for the modern world. But traditionally, the Thai culture has been using it for years. This bamboo charcoal soap smells delicious and benefits the skin with various essential minerals. The product has skin detoxing characters eliminates toxins, bacterial and collected skin waste. Perfect for a glowy skin. Read more about Charcoal and how the super cleansing trend really works in our article here.

3. Hot Medicinal Herbal Compress

The hot herbal compress is one of the most useful traditional skincare therapies from Thailand. You can get it in a smaller size for the face or in a bigger size for the body. The ingredients of the medicinal compress are Curcuma powder, Zingiber powder, Tananka powder, and other medicinal herbs. You may build the compress on your own or you may buy it in an organic or traditional grocery store. It is super simple to use and you will feel the healing effect right after applying it. Especially people with oily skin want to enjoy this therapy but it suits any skin types. Just dip the compress into hot water for a few minutes and use it to compress on the skin surface. It helps to reduce small pimples, tightening pores, and makes the face become soft and smooth.

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