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HOT SPOT: Eco Hotel Waelderhaus in Hamburg

HOT SPOT: Eco Hotel Waelderhaus in Hamburg

eco hotel waelderhaus organic beauty mochni

The first Eco Hotel in Hamburg Germany is called “The Raphael Hotel Wälderhaus” and is situated in HH-Wilhelmsburg. It is an unique 3 star superior Eco Hotel, in which you can really experience the atmosphere of the forest in an authentic and sustainable way. As guest you feel the warm welcome already at the check-in. The modern designed Hotel is built out of wood and the interior is made out of linen and different natural wood materials. The minimalist rooms are appointed with a super comfy mid sized bed, a desk, seats and bedside tables. The simple rooms does not have much decoration, so that it gives you enough space to spread your own stuff everywhere 😉 . Scroll through to discover more pictures of the Hotel.

eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus mochni

Each room has a different name and is called after a forest plant or tree, which is decorated in the room with a description about it. The price for a room is about 100€ per night for a single or double room, including free wi-fi, which is a super fair price for this high standard.

eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus

eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus room mochni

eco hotel waelderhaus organic beauty mochni

eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus bedroom mochni

Skin- and Haircare products are from Stop the water while using me, a young organic cosmetic brand from Hamburg.

eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus stop the water while using me mochni

eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus wilhelmsburg mochni

simple eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus
eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus wood

eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus wood house

Science Center WALD

Inside the Raphael Hotel Wälderhaus can be found the “Science Center WALD”, which is super interesting to join for both young and old. The Science Center teaches you everything about the forest, plants and animals. What I liked the most was to corner with the different sun- and shade leaves and the forest fruits.

forest plants science center waeldehaus hamburg
Sun- and shade leaves of the forest.
science center wald hamburg eco hotel waelderhaus
Forest fruits.

Restaurant Wilhelms

The Restaurant Wilhelms is located inside the Hotel and offers a breakfast buffet, lunch and a very delicious dinner menu. The super fresh ingredients are all seasonally and locally sourced and you can get vegetarian and vegan dishes. But please note, that not everything is 100 percent organic. The restaurant does not belong to the Hotel and everything you eat will be charged additionally. The prices are totally fair, you pay for the breakfast buffet 12€ per person and the dishes are ca. 10-20€ each.

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eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus breakfast

eco hotel hamburg waelderhaus restaurant wilhelms

All in all I think the Hotel is super practical for a short trip to Hamburg or just a cozy night with someone you love. The only thing I missed was an organic spa 😉 . But I am looking forward to new Eco Hotels in Hamburg, because in Hamburg should be located more sustainable Hotels. The same for Berlin. If you need more informations about the Raphael Hotel Wälderhaus, visit the website by clicking on the link below.

Am Inselpark 19
21109 Hamburg

Photos: Antonia Leoni

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