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Sustainable Jeans Guide: 8 Classy Fits Everyone Should Know

Sustainable Jeans Guide: 8 Classy Fits Everyone Should Know

sustainable jeans guide mochni bootleg cut

organic cotton denim by mud jeans mochni

MUD Jeans

There are so many different jeans cuts out there. But there are some classy and timeless cuts everyone should know, because they always look good. For this reason I have chosen 8 timeless styles from sustainable jeans brands MUD Jeans and Kings of Indigo and fitted them on Lizzy. To keep the different fits apart we got the idea to shoot them while Lizzy was doing some sporty moves. Scroll down to see how the styles look like and to read more about the sustainable jeans brands.

MUD jeans is a small company from Amsterdam which joined the Young Designer Programme of the Fair Wear Foundation and won the Sustainability Leadership Award. MUD jeans uses organic cotton, which is certified by the Better Cotton Initiative and by GOTS. MUD Jeans recylces and upcycles worn jeans, which are sent back to them. The upcycled jeans are sold as unique vintage pairs named after the former user. Recycling means worn out jeans are shredded, cut into pieces and mixed with virgin cotton for new denim yarn. For every used jeans, which has been sent back to MUD Jeans, the company offers a 10€ discount on the next MUD jeans purchase.

Kings of Indigo

The second brand is Kings of Indigo which is based in Amsterdam, too. Kings of Indigo wants us to enjoy our jeans as long as possible. That is why you can repair your jeans with the Kings of Indigo repair kit or go to one of their repair events where deadstock fabrics are used for the repairs. Kings of Indigo recycles old jeans into twisted yarn knits, uses recycled yarns and sustainable organic cotton certified by GOTS. Kings of Indigo dyes with natural dye techniques instead of using chemicals in their production. They never use sandblasting. The packaging is made from recycled or bio degradable materials. All energy they use at the HQ and warehouse is generated by solar panels on the roof. Kings of Indigo is a young member of the Fairwear Foundation.

1. Straight Fit

sustainable jeans guide mochni bootleg cut

The jeans has a straight fit from the knee to the ankle. The fit gives you a classy look and you can combine any top you like. If the lenght is too long, simply willow the lenght one or two times. The denim contrast of the left side looks casual. You can wear nearly everything with this jeans. Lizzy is wearing a MUD Straight Rigi Dry Spirit Jeany in size W27 L32.

2. Classy Shoecut Fit

sustainable jeans guide mochni straight cut

This jeans modell is skinny and has a shoecut with a wider leg opening so the trouser goes over the back of the shoe. It is high in strechability what gives extra comfort. It looks very good combined with sneaker for a more casual look or with high heels for a night out. Lizzy is wearing a Kings of Indigo Rani Rinse Tencel Jeans in size W27 L32.

3. Skinny Fit

sustainable jeans guide mochni skinny fit

This is the modern 5-pocket jeans with a skinny shape. The thight fit contours the female body. Stretch is added to make the jeans more comfortable.The jeans has a small leg opening aroung 10-12 inches, so it fits sleek through the ankle. You can easily pair any type of shoe. The rise on this skinny fit jeans range from high to low. Lizzy is wearing a MUD Skinny Lilly Stone Black Jeans in size W28 L30.

3.a Skinny Fit

sustainable jeans guide mochni slim fit
The fit is the same like the one above. The color is just a pure blue what makes the jeans look a bit more like a relaxed weekend style. Lizzy is wearing a MUD Skinny Lilly Pure Blue Jeans in size W27 L30.

4. Skinny High Waist

sustainable jeans guide mochni slim high waist fit

This fit is high waisted what makes it very comfy and stylish at the same time. The slim fit contours your body. Perfect combined with elegant boyfriend shoes or pumps in winter or high or flat sandals in summer for a beautiful night out. Lizzy is wearing a MUD Skinny Hazen Dip Dry Jeans in size W27 L30.

5. Skinny Cropped Fit

sustainable jeans guide mochni cropped fit

This timeless stunner is a mid rise super slim. This cut is an ideal match for your everyday outfit! Just combine it with flats or sneakers and you don´t want to take them off the whole day. Lizzy is wearing a Kings of Indigo Juno Cropped Rinse in size 28.

6. Loose Cropped Fit

sustainable jeans guide mochni cropped loose fit

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The jeans style reminds on a fit from the 90´s.It is perfect for a casual day out. The lenght is cropped what makes it look more modern. You can combine sneakers, sandals or even winter boots. Lizzy is wearing the Kings of Indigo Virginia Cropped Light Marble Jeans in size 28.

7. Boyfriend Fit

sustainable jeans guide mochni boyfriend fit

This fit is slim around the waist and hips but loose around the thigh and knee. They are so cozy to wear and once tried on you don´t want to pull them off again. You can combine a tighter simple white t-shirt or top and you look very sexy. Lizzy is wearing the MUD Boyfriend Basin Light Stone in size 28.

8. Bootcut Fit

sustainable jeans guide mochni loose fit

This jeans is the classy fit everyone has worn before. The fit is also called bootcut. It is slim fitting through the thigh and knee and has a slightly flared opening. The leg opening can be wider or smaller depending on the cut. The wider opening is perfect for layering over boots. This classy style can be found in a large array of washes. Lizzy is wearing a Kings of Indigo Virginia Glory Blue Worn Jeans in size W28 L32.

What´s your favorite fit? Tell us in the comments on Instagram or Facebook!

Model: Melissa Komma; Photographer and Producer: Antonia Böhlke

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