Bags & Accessories, Clothing, Denim, Face Masks

Products For: Women 
Location: Larrabetzu, Spain
Founded in: 1999
Empowerment: Small-Business, Woman-Led
CEO: Mikel Elzo Feito, Maia Curutchet

Brand Story

A fashion brand based in Basque Country focused on women looking for unique designs, exclusive prints, and a wide range of products.



FAIR TRADE ﹣ What makes your brand Fair Trade and how do you ensure the Fair Trade production?

SKFK is the first Fairtrade certified brand in Spain. As a partner of the Chetna Coalition in India (a farming cooperative for the transformation of sustainable cotton), we buy our own cotton to these farmers at a premium price. We strive to develop as many new segments of our collection as Fairtrade certified. As of now, you can find the Fairtrade label on our sweaters, t-shirts, and knit dresses.


SOCIAL JUSTICE ﹣ How do you ensure Social Justice with your internal and external corporate environment.?

SKFK is a GOTS and Fairtrade certified company. All suppliers, as well as their value chain partners, must comply with domestic regulations on labor conditions as well as international labor law.


ORGANIC ﹣ Please list all ORGANIC materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

We mainly use organic cotton and linen. Our organic cotton is GOTS or OCS certified and mainly comes from the Chetna cooperative in India. Most of the linen we use is under the Masters of Linen® label, which guarantees 100% of the production happens in Europe, from harvesting to finished products.


RECYCLED ﹣ Please list all RECYCLED materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

We use recycled cotton, recycled wool, recycled polyester, recycled leather. They are GRS or CRS certified. A huge amount of energy and water is saved by reusing the discarded fabric cut-offs from our production facilities. The reuse of textiles at this stage means a reduction of virgin cotton production and thus preserving the farmlands.


UPCYCLED ﹣ Please list all RECYCLED materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

With upcycling, we give our fabrics a second life, turning unwanted products into new ones. These pieces are unique: its artisanal production places value on each piece and transforms these bags into sustainable accessories you’ll be craving to wear. We work with Anuscas Family, a little family workshop in Seville. Founded in 2007 by Ana Jiménez, who had a long career path in the re-use of fabrics.

DEZ Eco Material 21_2

ECO/TECH ﹣ Please list all ECO/TECH materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

We will start by telling you that for us, sustainability is not a green line of some organic stuff or some charity action done by a given brand or company. At SKFK we do it because we are concerned about what we do and its impact on the planet and society. Sometimes it can be frustrating to realize how much needs to be done to change many of the things we deal with as a fashion company. But this constant challenge should be turned into motivation and so we have done.


ZERO WASTE ﹣ Which processes in your supply chain are zero waste?

Our mission is to teach how to design and produce in a respectful way at all stages of the process. Zero Waste is based on intelligent design, a philosophy and methodology where the material destined for a garment is used in its entirety and waste is not produced. Overcoming this creative challenge of designing using the maximum width of the fabric roll, we create a very special one size fits all models. Check out the Zero Waste designs in every new collection.

VEGAN ﹣ How you can ensure that your entire product collection is Vegan? If vegan-approved by a recognized organization such as PETA or Vegan Society, please name them.

We are PETA approved.

Charity Social Integration

GIVE BACK ﹣ Why is it important for your brand to Give Back and for which organization are you donating?

Through the Chetna Coalition & the Fairtrade® certification, SKFK pledges to buy organic cotton, one year in advance, from a cooperative of small farmers located in the Odisha, Maharashtra, and Telangana states of India. The premium paid allows communities to invest in their infrastructure.

CULTURAL SUPPORT ﹣ How do you culturally support local traditions and communities, democratic politics and education, especially in the countries where your brand operates?

SKFK actively engages to support the use of the Basque language, among employees and in the local community.

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