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Reviewed: Our 5 Product Picks From Savue Beauty

Reviewed: Our 5 Product Picks From Savue Beauty

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As publication, we get a lot new products every month. Reviewed is our new series where we report on some of the best organic and sustainable beauty products we’ve tried. Wether it´s a facial scrub that is super effective or a transparent powder that brings the extra glow, you´ll find all of our most-loved products in this columns. Enjoy!

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SAVUE BEAUTY is the upcoming new online shop for clean cosmetic products, founded by the two sisters Swantje and Annika van Uehm in Berlin. Their love and passion for organic beauty led both establish this beautiful unique online store together. SAVUE BEAUTY is focused on products with luxurious textures, exotic ingredients, and sustainable concepts. The perfect SAVUE ingredients are pure natural, this means: untreated and harvested from organic cultivation or wild collection and processed with respect to nature and humans. Products must be effective, gentle and nurturing for our skin. Every single product and ingredient is checked by Swantje and Annika. No substances of synthetic origin, no parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates, ethoxylated raw materials (PEG), phenoxyethanol, silicones, nanoparticles, aluminum chlorohydrate, paraffins and other petroleum products are allowed. All lipsticks are vegan and they choose mostly vegan products whenever possible.

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“We believe that beauty is reflected in love and care for our souls, bodies and nature. We believe in responsible luxury, in beauty products that feel good, have a natural effect and represent the urban spirit of the time.” SAVUE BEAUTY

At SAVUE, you can find products which are usually rare in Europe. Swantje and Annika are focused on natural skin- and haircare products as well as makeup and natural perfume. Each brand of their great selection is hip and super popular in the clean beauty scene worldwide. Scroll through to read our product reviews and get to know our 5 favorite SAVUE picks.

1. MUKTI 2 in 1 Resurfacing Exfoliant, €46

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Review: This vegan exfoliating scrub is amazing. I tried a bunch of scrubs in my life already, but this one is just one of the best peelings I have ever tested. However, It is a deep cleansing peeling that removes deep-rooted impureness gently and effectively and gives your skin a soft feeling thanks to its Jojoba Oil. Directly after using this product, I noticed a nice change in my skin. The dead skin removing and refreshing effects, giving your complexion a healthy glow. I also love the fresh smell of the bioactive native lime extracts. This product is certified by Organic Food Chain (OFC).

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2. DE MAMIEL Seasonal Facial Oil Autumn, €88

de mamiel facial oil savue beauty mochni

Review: Firstly, I want to describe you the smell of this powerful facial oil. Close your eyes and imagine a strong smell of the most beautiful plants. When you open the bottle you will know what I mean. In the morning, I inhale the smell before using it, starting the day calming. I use this oil as my daily ritual post showering in the morning. It absorbs very quickly, and I use it before applying my makeup. This plant-based oil prepared my skin for winter since it moisturizes my skin with its nutritionally packed ingredients like seed oils.

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3. A.S. APOTHECARY Cleansing Oil, €52

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Review: I use this cleansing oil at the night to clean my face after removing my makeup with coconut oil and before applying my serum. I massage 3-5 drops into my dry face and neck skin by using circular movement and then leave it for a few minutes. I rinse the oil off with warm water using a small facecloth. The result is that the skin feels very fresh, chilled, bright and well nourished.

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4. KESTER BLACK Nail Polish Narcissist, €19

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Review: My favorite and the most classy nail polish color of the season is a dark red tone, here called: narcissist. You can wear narcissist every autumn/winter season and the color won´ t never be out of style. So I can keep this nail polish for years. The bottle deign is super minimal. The brush is handy and has the perfect width which is important for me since I want to apply the polish accurately and easily on my own. The nail varnish dries quickly within 1-2 minutes. The polish is very glowy so no need for an extra layer of transparent glow. I just apply a second layer to make sure the color last as long as possible and after 2 minutes waiting, I am ready. All Kester Black polishes are vegan and five-free which means that they do not include toxins like DBP, Camphor, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin. The polish is certified by Australian Made, Cruelty Free International, UK Vegan Society.

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5. AXIOLOGY Natural Lipstick The Goodness, €27

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Review: I love this beautiful natural lipstick in color Goodness. Since I am naturally blonde and I have a lighter complexion, I prefer to use lighter lip colors for the day. This silver shiny blush-pink is suitable for a coffee with friends and also looking great for the office. The super soft consistency of the Axiology lipstick makes applying very easy and gives you a soft moisturizing feeling on your lips. I also love the idea to wear a vegan, organic and ethical lipstick on my lips which last a long time.

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What are your favorite SAVUE products? Tell us below!

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