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Rêve En Vert: A Sustainable Online Shop, Interview + Holiday Gift Guide

Rêve En Vert: A Sustainable Online Shop, Interview + Holiday Gift Guide

Antonia Böhlke
reve en vert sustainable online shop london
reve en vert sustainable online shop london
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In partnership with Rêve En Vert.

Rêve En Vert is the modern online destination for women to shop sustainable, high-quality fashion and beauty products worldwide. Rêve En Vert was founded by Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker in 2013 in London. Their carefully selected product range variates from fashion to jewelry and beauty and covers exactly our needs to build a high-quality and timeless capsule wardrobe. Rêve En Vert helps us to decide what to buy very quickly because of their perfect product choices and shopping service.

reve en vert fonnesbech jacket
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The online platform has evolved to one of the leading eco-friendly online shops offering the world’s best sustainable fashion and beauty brands. Rêve En Vert provide independent fashion designers such as Fonnesbech Copenhagen, Aiayu and Odette New York and for beauty Bamford amongst others. Read our interview with founders Cora and Natasha and scrool through to shop our 10 favorite holiday holiday gifts from Rêve En Vert.

How do you get inspired for this great selection and where do you find your brands?

Natasha: We find the brands that we bring on in a number of ways. Quite often brands approach us, or we are connected to them through word of mouth. We do a lot of research as well to find new and emerging brands that we think are working in exciting and innovative ways. We always have to take into consideration their sustainability practices and aesthetics but it’s amazing because over the time we have started the company, we have seen so many more brands establish their practices from an ethical standpoint so the options available to us are only growing.

reve en vert campaign
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What are the most important aspects you look at when buying a brand for your online shop Rêve En Vert?

Natasha: Sustainability lies at the heart of the company and we have an extensive list of questions that we ask all of our designers to provide answers to, along with the relevant accreditation and certifications as well. That being said, they have to have an aesthetic and meet the quality level that compliments the curation that we have on the site. Currently, that framework is set by Cora and I, along with a freelance buyer.

Your Rêve En Vert tenets are `organic, re-made, local and fair´. What made you decide for these 4 ethics? Considering these criteria, do you see a progress on fashion labels? And why do you buy only from independent designers?

Natasha: We thought that this was the way that we could most clearly define and communicate what our definition of sustainability is, whilst still keeping it broad enough to be as inclusive as possible of lifestyle and fashion brands doing their best to be conscious and ethically minded. As there is no one singular definition of sustainability, they were the four criteria that worked across our product range most succinctly. We want to be champions, independent designers, although that isn’t to say that we would only stock independent labels.

reve en vert sustainable fashion online shop campaign
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With Rêve En Vert, you support the change by offering sustainable products to customers in a modern way. How do you perform in your daily office routine and in the case of deliveries to support a more eco-friendly shopping experience?

Cora: We are constantly striving to make Rêve En Vert as green as possible behind the scenes. Within our office, we use solar energy from, and we have keep cups for our (numerous) coffee runs. In terms of logistics, we use UPS carbon neutral shipping and on top of that donate to Trees for the Future to plant trees in order to offset our carbon footprint from shipping. All of our packagings are recycled and recyclable, and we use minimal amounts of plastic and excess wrapping materials in order to cut down on waste. Customers can rest assured we are working as hard as possible to make the movement behind their purchases as sustainable as we can!

reve en vert sustainable fashion
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What is your background and what was your motivation to start Rêve En Vert?

Cora: I always studied politics and environmental studies but dipped my toe in working in fashion in both Paris and New York before settling in London. It was actually in a lecture during my Master’s degree that I found out that fashion vacillates between the second and third most polluting industry on earth, and felt driven to tackle sustainability through this medium.

reve en vert knitwear
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What is your goal with Rêve En Vert for the next 10 years?

Cora: We are hoping to become the premier retailer of all sustainable luxury products. We are in the midst of launching more lifestyle lines, with the belief that people should be able to come to and find anything from organic beauty to upcycled home goods to high-end, ethically produced fashion pieces. We would like to offer people a beautiful array that will meet all of their needs in living a more sustainable life.

Our Rêve En Vert Gift Guide

For our Gift Gide, we picked a selection of 10 of our favorite products from Rêve En Vert. Since all Rêve En Vert products are very beautiful, we recommend to go to the Rêve En Vert gift page directly and see all the amazing products.

1. Fonnesbech, Biker Jacket, €840

2. Ryan Roche, Cashmere Leggings, € 570

cashmere leggings ryan roche

3. Johnston Of Elgin, Cashmere Hat, € 110

See Also

4. Willow Organic, Energy Body Collection, €30

5. Fonnesbech, Merino Wool Sweater, €300

6. Johnston Of Elgin, Cashmere Socks, €50

wool socks reve en vert

7. Willow Organic, Trio Organic Oils, €30


8. Bamford, Fig Leaf Candle, €50


9. Bamford, Body Cleanser, €50

10. Guy Morgan Apothecary, Clay Mask, €50

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