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Recipe: How To Make The Healthy Golden Milk With Curcuma

Recipe: How To Make The Healthy Golden Milk With Curcuma

turmeric latte golden milk recipe

turmeric latte golden milk recipe

The golden milk is made with the yellow root which you can call both Curcuma and/or Turmeric. The Curcuma root is familiar with the ginger plant and tastes herb and intensive. You may drink the golden milk with some kind of natural sweetener as a healthy coffee replacement in the morning or as a cozy pre-sleep warm-up at night. Additionally, the Turmeric latte benefits you with health effects. Turmeric has been used in traditional ayurvedic practices for years to heal for example throat infections, common colds, and indigestion.


– 7 fl oz/200 ml plant-based milk (reco: rice milk)
– 1 teaspoon Manuka Honey
– 1 teaspoon curcuma
– 1 pinch ginger
– 1 pinch cinnamon (Ceylon and/or Cassia)
– 1 pinch vanilla
– 1 pinch cardamon
– 1 pinch pimento
– 1 pinch nutmeg
– 1 pinch clove

golden milk recipe curcuma

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1. Warm the milk on medium heat.
2. Add all spices while continually stiring.
3. Remove the milk from the stove and finally add the Manuka honey.
4. Enjoy your delicious golden milk!


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