3 New Ethical Marketplaces To Pay Attention To 👀

And the best range of products.

We love e-shopping at ethical marketplaces. Because there is nothing better than browsing through a wide range of the latest eco and fairtrade offers. We enjoy it best from the bed while waiting for our organic facial mask to dry which we, too, got online. And so we thought it’s time to introduce you to these 3 new marketplaces that are focused on ethical products.

1. Faire Shop

Let’s make it e-fficial: we are faire-ly obsessed with this ethical online shop. Here you can find all kinds of vegan, eco-friendly, organic, recycled and fairly-traded products from all over the world. Sparked by the dream of making extreme poverty an end, Sydney Sherman started the female-run online shop to build a bridge between conscious online shoppers and talented artisans. Because fair trade has nothing to do with charity. But merely is about appreciating the talent and time human beings put into the making of the products we buy. We love the Vegan bucket bag by Hozen and the No. 1 Grapefruit + Mangosteen Candle which is perfect for cozy evenings at home.

Website: faire.shop
Instagram: @faire.shop

2. Ethical Collection

The eco-luxury online boutique Ethical Collection offers exclusive womenswear and accessories from designers and artisans across the globe. All items are made without harming people and the planet. In this way, Ethical Collection reminds us of how our everyday shopping choices have an impact, not only on us but on everyone and everything around us. Do you want to know who designed your clothes? Have a look at the designers at Ethical Collections and read about their projects and personal stories.

Website: ethicalcollection.com
Instagram: @ethicalcollectionlondon

3. The Wearness

The Wearness offers an online shopping alternative for conscious consumers. From women’s and men’s ready to wear, accessories, jewelry and beauty – the 4 founders Julia, Jennifer, Karolin, and Guya personally select all brands you can shop on the marketplace. To make it super easy, The Wearness uses 10 different icons to identify sustainable criteria such as „vegan“, „organic“ or „handmade“. This shop is only for brands or designers who meet at least one of these criteria.

Website: thewearness.com
Instagram: @thewearness_


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Mia is a Paris-based freelance writer from Vienna. When she was a little girl, she dreamed of living in the Amazon jungle, where she would protect the rain forest and animal life. Now living in the city jungle of the French capital (things sometimes turn out differently than expected), she found her calling in raising awareness about pretty much everything sustainable, vegan, organic and ethical. The trained copywriter received her MA in Global Communications in Fashion at the American University of Paris. miawindischgraetz.com