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Our Ethical Fashion Campaign With 15 Diverse Influencers

Our Ethical Fashion Campaign With 15 Diverse Influencers

With our visit to Berlin, we have brought together 15 diverse and ethical female influencers from 8 different nations to produce this Ethical Fashion Campaign. Each of them has a different background and raises awareness on a conscious lifestyle in their own way. With their support, we show you that we can all change the world with authenticity, honesty, and love. The editorial is photographed by Thea Løvstad and is styled by Nina Woolfe with fair-trade fashion partners from our Conscious Loft.

Laura Mitulla, Germany

Laura is from Germany and the founder of sustainable lifestyle blog She wears a shirt and pants by German brand Folkdays.
Follow Laura on Instagram: @lauramitulla

Eleanor Ward, Great Britain

Eleanor´s nickname is Ele and she is one of the most dedicated people to support a better world. Ele was the fashion expert at our Conscious Loft. She wears a dress from Lovjoi, a jacket from Folkdays and on the right photo, she holds a knit jumper by LN Knits.
Follow Ele on Instagram: @sustainablehustle

Shagun Tomar, India

Not long ago, Shagun moved with the love of her life from New Delhi to Hamburg, now Berlin. She is the founder of and recently started to host dinner gatherings to connect like minds. She wears a custom-made dress by DOU.K Studio.
Follow Shagun on Instagram: @shagun_tomar_

Hosannah Jønsson, Jamaica

Hosannah is a Jamaican living in Denmark. She loves to eat vegan. She is wearing a jacket and dress by Bazuhaus, trainers by Lanius and earrings by Hiitu.
Follow Hosannah on Instagram: @fashandtalks

Margot Guilbert, France

Margot is French and the co-founder of a blog she runs with her boyfriend and the focused on sustainability and fashion. She wears a coat by LN Knits, shirt by Buki Akomolafe, earrings by Hiitu and denim by Armedangels.
Follow Margot on Instagram:

Léa Marcq, France

Parisian girl Léa (left image, right girl) is the founder of her own ethical French fashion publication On the left photo, she wears a two-piece set by Rhumaa and Lanius trainers. On the right photo, she wears an LN Knits jumper.
Follow Léa on Instagram: @thealleah

Lai Chun Cheung, China

Lai loves reading and sustainable fashion. She wears a dress by Left Edit and a jumper by LN Knits.
Follow Lai on Instagram: @syringalotus.

Marisa Kohler, Germany

Marisa is based in Southern Germany and the founder of her German eco-blog She wears a Noumenon top and skirt and a cozy LN Knits coat.
Follow Marisa on Instagram: @my_fairladies

Camille Burki, Belgium

Camille works as a professional curvy model and is based in Antwerp, Belgium. The necklace and earrings are from Hiitu, the organic cotton shirt is from ThokkThokk and the jacket is from Folkdays.
Follow her on Instagram: @camille_agnes_

Nina Woolfe, France & Great Britain

Nina is the founder of her own ethical fashion brand SILLY BOY Studio. She is the fashion stylist behind this campaign and the most creative person. She is half French and half British and speaks both languages natively <3. She wears a jacket and jumpsuit by Rhumaa and trainers by Lanius.
Follow Nina on Instagram: @nina_woolfe

Munay Zamorano Quitzow, Germany

Munay loves to take pictures and share inspiring images of her conscious lifestyle on Instagram. She wears a beautiful blue coat and blouse by Buki Akomolafe.
Follow Munay on Instagram: @ohmunay

Magdalena Muttenthaler, Germany

Magdalena founded her own German eco blogazine, called She wears a suit byRhumaa and a white shirt by Lanius.
Follow Magdalena on Instagram: @freemindedfolks_blog

Esther Rühe + Anna Kessel, Germany

Anna and Esther have been the German ethical influencer dream team ever since. They are the founders of the authentic, honest and inspiring German blog Esther wears a classy coat by Lanius, shirt by Buki Akomolafe, and pants by Noumenon. Sustainable leather bag by Leit & Held.

Anna wears a jacket and a skirt by Buki Akomolafe, trainers by Lanius.
Follow Anna and Esther on Instagram: @diekonsumentin

Stephanie Van den Sigtenhorst, Netherlands

Stephanie is the Dutch girl behind her own blog She is based in beautiful Amsterdam. Stephanie is wearing Armedangels jeans, and a cozy jumper, scarf, and mittens by LN Knits. The shoes are her own.
Follow Stephanie on Instagram: @letstalkslow

PHOTO Thea Løvstad
STYLING Nina Woolfe
MODELS Laura Mitulla, Stephanie Van den Sigtenhorst, Esther Rühe, Anna Kessel, Magdalena Muttenthaler, Munay Zamorano Quitzow, Nina Woolfe, Camille Burki, Marisa Kohler, Lai Chun Cheung, Léa Marcq, Margot Guilbert, Hosannah Jønsson, Laura Mitulla, Eleanor Ward, Shagun Tomar

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