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Our 4 Favorite Vegan Leather Pieces to Shop Online

Our 4 Favorite Vegan Leather Pieces to Shop Online

avesu matt and nat
avesu matt and nat
Photo: MATT & NAT

Leather production is one of the most polluting industries in the world. It is not only harmful to the animals but it has also a huge impact on our climate.  More and more people eat vegan and shop vegan clothes. We definitely prefer vegan leather alternatives before real leather.  So below, we picked our favorite cruelty-free pieces for you.



matt and nat
Photos: MATT & NAT

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Nothing is more refreshing than a light blue color accent that stands out in your summer outfit. So does this fashionable WESTMOUNT AZUR pair of sandals which are 100% vegan. The Montreal-based vegan shoe- and bag label MATT & NAT created these minimal flat sandals for animal lovers and fashionistas. You can not only wear them to your office job but you could wear them nearly to every occasion. The material and lining are made from Polyurethanes. Polyurethane is the eco-friendly alternative to PVC. The price of these chic flats is set at 85 €/$ which we think is super fair. The Canadian brand generally offers only 100% vegan products and uses environmental-friendly materials like cork, rubber, nylon, and paper. MATT & NAT has recycled more than 3 million PET bottles since its start in 1995. The production is fair trade certified by ISO SA8000 and the brand is recommended by PETA. We absolutely love their shoes!





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The most innovative shoes on the market are the pineapple leather shoes from BOURGEOIS BOHEME. It is no surprise that this brand is worn by fashion-conscious actress and activist Emma Watson and actress Natalie Portman. And we definitely like to wear them, too! We love these pair of breezy VICTORIA PINATEX SANDALS which you can put on really easily. Comfortable and blisters-free wearable all day long on your next local city tour or at the beach. Made from the most eco-friendly leather replacement materials like Pinatex, natural latex, cork, and biodegradable, plant-based bio-polyols, these shoes are the acme for modern and future design. The shoes are locally and ethically handcrafted in hand-picked factories in Portugal by using traditional techniques. Besides the Pinatex shoes, Bourgeois Boheme recently launched their new cork sneakers which are available here.

SHOP BOURGEOIS BOHEME ONLINE | PETA-Approved | Vegan Society trademarked



Photos: Filbert

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We want a practical, beautiful, and high-quality tote bag that is luxurious, wearable every day but doesn’t resign to be vegan. More precise: we want a FILBERT BAKER BAG! This chic tote bag is 100% vegan and made from a nylon-based fiber mix. The lining is made from USDA certified Texas organic cotton. the hardware is a durable brass which is made in Connecticut, and the zippers are from RiRi made in Switzerland. This bag has a roomy interior, many pockets for your keys, phone, wallet, and a practical and removable crossbody strap. Basically, all the FILBERT materials are 100% vegan and carefully sourced within the USA and Europe. The brand does not use PVC, plasticizers, and off-gassing. All pieces are locally cut and sewn in New York City. The price of 445$ for this luxury bag is totally worth it when you think of: Eco is a new luxury. It takes time and knowledge to source all the high-quality, cruelty-free materials for a limited edition which is well-developed and beautifully designed and fairly manufactured in the USA. Last but not least you will love and wear this bag for years.




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Photo: MATT & NAT

No evening wardrobe is complete without one pair of comfortable and chic summer heels. And of course, we want them to be vegan! As we found the vegan shoes online shop avesu, we beamed with joy because we finally found an online shop that offers more than 1000 different pairs of fashionable vegan and ethical shoes and accessories from different brands and ships practically worldwide. Below, we picked our 4 favorite pairs of sandals which are classy, and 100% vegan and shoppable at avesu. avesu was founded by Thomas Reichel and Dirk Zimmermann in 2010 in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Starting with only 15 different pairs of vegan shoes and a local store in Berlin, avesu has now become the most popular brand and online shop for vegan shoes in Germany and Europe. A huge Thank you to the founders who makes it so simple for us to find and shop vegan shoes all over the world! Scroll through to shop our 4 favorite pairs of vegan heels.


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