Clothing, Shoes

Products For: Men, Unisex, Women 
Location: New York, USA
Founded in: 1996
Empowerment: BIPOC-Led, Small-Business
CEO: Ammar Belal

Brand Story

ONE432 is a social impact fashion brand that embodies an unprecedented standard of Equality, Transparency and Responsibility within the fashion industry. Through our “equal share” design philosophy, we give back 50% of our profit to our artisans and to sponsor the education of underprivileged children in Pakistan. Our products are hand-crafted and employ sustainable practices and materials, and our website has custom-designed trackers that show sales and profit-share in real-time. We have a wide variety of products, from shoes and slippers to t-shirts and hoodies.


Our artisans are paid above-market wages. In addition to this, they earn a share of every product sold, thereby making them our partners in profit. This enables them to earn livelihoods much higher than their peers. More than half of our workforce is comprised of women. Our staff work in a clean, hygienic and comfortable workspace.

We pay our staff above-market wages. In addition, our artisans earn a share of each product sold, effectively making them partners in the company. This enables them to earn sizeable bonuses, with cumulative earnings mush higher than their peers. More than 50% of our staff is comprised of women.

Our cotton is handloom woven and 100% Recycled. We use vegetable dyes.

Our leather and denim are upcycled, collected from leftover stock from leather and denim factories. We use vegetable dyes.

All our products are made locally, with an in-house team sourcing materials from nearby factories and markets, and hand-crafting the products in our facility.

All our products are meticulously hand-crafted by our artisans. Our cotton is woven on a hand-loom and our shoes, clothes and household items are hand-stitched and hand-embroidered.

We are a one-stop design and manufacturing unit, which enables agility and efficiency. Our handmade products are made-to-order, and we have zero-waste production.

We proudly give back 50% of our profit to our artisans, as well as to schools in order to support the education of underprivileged children. We also have a special fellowship that commits essential resources to finance, incubate, and mentor aspiring black artists.

We are playing our part in reviving a 400 year old craft of hand-crafting traditional shoes, in a new and exciting way. Through the sale of our products, we are funding the education of many underprivileged children in Pakistan. Women constitute more than 50% of our workforce.

Listed: 5 January 2021
Information updated:


FAUJI bullion 325$

VADERA tawny 155$

CHAUDHRY gori 155$

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