Nata Y Limón

Bags & Accessories, Home Textiles

Products For: Women 
Location: Munich, Germany
Founded in: 2016
Empowerment: Small-Business, Woman-Led
CEO: Marlene Walter, Anne Schneider


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Brand Story

The premium ethical craft label, Nata Y Limón, incites female empowerment through the art of ancient Mayan weaving and global sisterhood. Their timeless handbag collections not only celebrate, but directly support indigenous women in Guatemala with steady and fair income. Each fair design piece stands for effortless elegance and brings meaning into the capsule wardrobe of today’s heroines. NYL not only supports women in Guatemala, preserves ancient tradition and increases standards within the craft sector. The brand also donates 1% to Amazon Watch, an NGO that is concerned with the protection of the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous people.


Our goal is to create new standards within the Craft Sector. That is why we have implemented, so far uncommon, collaboration agreements with all of our artisans to ensure continuous work, paid national holidays and recreational vacation days. We have shifted from the common payment method "pay per product" to paying regular monthly compensations on living wage level, doubling, and in most cases even tripling the previous income earned while reducing the overall work-time. All of our artisans are working from home, which makes household work and childcare possible for single mothers. Direct personal contact ensures transparency and joint decision-making.

Social Justice is an integral part of our mission. Our focus lies on women empowerment as well as creating awareness for the rights of Indigenous Peoples around the world. We do this by providing fair income opportunities for marginalized female artisans in Guatemala and by donating 1% to Amazon Watch.

Our products are primarily made of natural materials, such as cotton and/or new wool. All of our materials are sourced locally in Guatemala. Our cotton yarn is sourced from two mayor Guatemalan thread providers on local markets, which ensure an AZO free thread dying process. New wool is sourced through small family farming businesses. Our products use only natural new wool colors, such as black/brown, white/cream and grey.

We partner with skilled Mayan weavers in Guatemala to develop 100% hand-woven premium fabrics for interior & fashion. Traditional Mayan patterns are integrated into every piece. Our artisans work individually and independently from home on traditional backstrap looms or treadle/floor looms. Every item is unique due to its handmade process.

We minimise our textile waste as much as possible and are always looking out for ideas to reuse or upcycle. We work i.e. with another label that turns small amounts of textile leftovers into unique furniture. Our handmade production process doesn't involve CO2 emission and electricity usage is reduced to a very low level. We source all of our materials locally to avoid unnecessary CO2 emission through long transportation.

1% for the Amazon! We contribute to the protection of the Indigenous Peoples living in the Amazon and the biodiversity of the rainforest. With our voice we want to draw attention to this breathtakingly beautiful region and support the essential work of Amazon Watch with every product sold.

Our work is built on the fundamentals of 'Cultural Appreciation'. It means honoring the ancient knowledge Mayan women managed to keep alive and valuing the humans behind the craft, by preserving the traditional art of weaving, making it a sustainable source of income and continuously raising standards for Guatemalan artisans.

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