MUD Jeans


Products For: Men, Women 
Location: Laren, The Netherlands
Founded in: 2012
CEO: Bert van Son

Brand Story

MUD Jeans is on a mission to change the polluting fashion industry with fair factories and circular production of jeans. No pesticides are used in the production of cotton and every pair of jeans is recycled after use. The production of an industry standard jeans costs 7.000 litres of water, MUD Jeans reduces the use of water by 92%. MUD Jeans launched the pioneering Lease A Jeans system, to stay the owner of the valuable raw materials and to ensure that every jeans comes back to get recycled. Take a look at their high quality on trend denim styles.


At MUD Jeans we have a short supply chain made up of three main supply chain partners. This allows us to have greater traceability of our product, allowing us to ensure that all workers across the supply chain are paid and treated fairly. At MUD Jeans we pay the true cost of production to make sure that everyone is being paid well. Even in areas outside of our direct influence, such as cotton production, we purposefully only work with GOTS certified cotton to ensure that all cotton farmers that work to produce the cotton we use are paid and treated

We have three main supply chain partners. All three have signed our Code of Conduct ( which is public and available for anyone to read). Commonly we our supply chain partners frequently and hold a close work relationship. Two of these partners ( RECOVER and Tejidos Royo) are based in.

Our denim is made of a combination of GOTS Certified organic cotton, and GRS certified post consumer recycled cotton. By using mono materials we can ensure that the pair of jeans can be recycled and re-incorporated into production at the end of life. In other words using our old/ used jeans to make brand new MUD Jeans.

At MUD Jeans our mission is to live in a world without waste. Our main approach to Zero Waste is through our take back scheme. As a Circular Denim Company we use the LEASE a Jeans model to lend out our material in the shape of jeans and request for it to be returned at the end of its life. Through this approach we can take responsibility of the end of life of the fabric and ensure that it does end up in a landfill. As part of our circular business model we have extended this through the repair service

MUD Jeans is PETA approved. Our entire collection is Vegan. We use cotton, stainless steal buttons, cotton/poly thread, in some cases elastane and that is it.

One of the main strategic pillars of MUD Jeans is called positive activism. As pioneers in circular denim we hold a responsibility to drive change. To do so we aim to empower our costumers and fellow industry members by sharing our knowledge. Education plays an important role in what we

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