Ethical Menswear Brands



Danish zero waste label Better World Fashion is helping to rethink the way we “own” clothing. What if we didn’t have to buy it anymore? Better World Fashion is allowing you to “Lease a leather Jacket” instead of buying it. Or if you do decide to keep it, there is an unlimited buy-back agreement in place. This is because Better World Fashion exclusively uses repurposed leather for their jackets which is collected by NGO partners in Denmark. When you send a jacket back, they can reuse it! The Better World Fashion sustainable model prolongs the life of materials reducing the environmental footprint (and yours!). The responsible production takes place in Poland. The lining is made from recycled polyester, the zippers and buttons are re-melted, recycled and premium YKK hardware. We love their philosophy!



manaliso menswear

Where the city meets the sea is where you will find Manaliso. Their range of urban apparel is designed to be gentle on the environment while keeping up with your active lifestyle. Perfect for the surfer, skater, and urban dweller alike, Manaliso gives you the comfort to take on whatever the day has in store for you. Manufacturing takes place in Europe at their ethical production partners and their sustainable styles maintain their aesthetic without sacrificing the environment or their workers. Their styles evoke memories of past travels and inspire the wearer to take on new adventures. They choose their materials and processes carefully to ensure the beautiful planet we love to explore continues to live on.