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In 2015, we launched MOCHNI as one of the first international platforms that made fair and sustainable fashion COOL! With our fresh and easy-to-understand original content we help our audience to understand important social and environmental topics and to find sustainable + fair trade products from the most responsible brands around the world. Our editorial coverage includes product and brand roundups, learning guides, expert advice and Q&A’s with founders and creatives who give a transparent insight behind their products and companies. 

Our mission is to inform a global audience to help understand and find responsible fashion and lifestyle brands with the vision to support factory workers and small businesses.

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MOCHNI speaks to 300k+ international visitors each year



We build a close relationship with our community online and offline. 90% are women with an average age range of 25-34 and a strong motivation to change the world.

Our niche target group are millennials who are educated, opinionated, entrepreneural and love to live a sustainable lifestyle based on their values. They are curious, hungry for education, and like to discover in real life what they see online. They trust in our recommendations. Once they fall in love with a product or brand they become a loyal costumer and multiplier.

90% Women

29 Median Age

US$45K Average HHI

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Our online services are build for visibility + brand awareness and deliver ROI to our partners.

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Our brand directory ECO ALPHABET is made for sustainable brands (clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags, home textiles) that meet our ethical criteria and provide relevant transparent information, which we publish in the respective brand profile. In this way, we give eco brands the opportunity to explain their good work and avoid greenwashing. Brand transparency helps customers make responsible buying decisions based on their ethical preferences. Our Directory allows consumers, media and buyers to quickly find responsible brands according to their needs and values by using the search, filter and explore functions.

The 12-month listing includes:

  • The right to use the ECO ALPHABET mark on your own brand website for the duration of the 12-month listing 
  • Brand visibility in directory
  • Exclusive brand profile
  • Brand information (delivered by brand) placed in line with ethics 
  • Placement of max. 6 images (delivered by brand)
  • Website link
  • 1x free image update
  • Unlimited information update

Distribution included

1x Instagram stories + highlights, incl. swipe up link
1x Newsletter
1x Facebook page + groups

PRICE: 1.000€ /year


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We create high-quality brand awareness by presenting your brand/product in a shopping guide that matches your product segment. Your brand gets a push from participating brands that multiply this guide in their communities. You gain visibility and attention from niche customers and partners. Our top priority is to make this guide visible to Google so that customers can quickly find what they are looking for. 

Content included

  • 50-word text
  • 1 image (delivered by brand)
  • Website link

Distribution included

  • 1x Instagram stories + highlights, incl. swipe up link
  • 1x Instagram feed collage
  • 1x Newsletter
  • 1x Facebook page + groups

Live Duration

12 months

PRICE: 700€


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In a Learning Guide or Tutorial, we explain a topic that is in high demand and often shared by the masses in a short and playful way. At the same time, we introduce your product or your brand and thus imprint the story very well in the minds of the readers by linking a strong image and good feeling with your brand. We offer photo, graphic and illustration productions on request.

Content included

  • 300-400 word text
  • 3-5 visuals (delivered by brand) / Production on request
  • Website link

Distribution included

  • 1x Instagram stories + highlights, incl. swipe up link
  • 1x Instagram Feed
  • 1x Newsletter
  • 1x Facebook page + groups

Live Duration

24 months

PRICE: 1.200€



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1. Uphold Human Rights
Ensure healthy + safe + fair working conditions.

2. Social Justice
Ensure equal opportunities for everyone and place a positive value on differences between people.

3. Protect The Nature
Use non-toxic and animal- friendly resources. Use organic and natural resources responsibly.

4. Act Climate-Friendly
Save energy. Use renewable energy. Save water. Produce locally. Cause less waste.

5. Reuse
Use recyclable and renewable materials. Recycle. Upcycle. Support a circular economy.

6. Support The Culture
Support local traditions & communities, democratic politics, and education in developing countries.

7. Transparency & Accountability
Provide transparent and true insights into your company and supply chain. Expect the same from your suppliers. Choose certified suppliers and factories whenever possible.


We only accept PR sample products that are shipped with our permission. Thank you for understanding.
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