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Matter Fair-Trade Jumpsuits Are Sexy AND Easy To Take Off 🚀

Matter Fair-Trade Jumpsuits Are Sexy AND Easy To Take Off 🚀

If you have never found yourself standing completely undressed in a public toilet, you are either lying or haven’t worn a one-piece yet. To prevent us from such situations in the future, the Singapore-based brand Matter designed the seemingly obvious: fair-trade jumpsuits with easily removable bottoms. They come in different styles and prints of which each tells a unique story. Curious? Keep scrolling to learn more.

Easy To Take Off

Matter jumpsuits have button/tie closures on the bottoms, which means you no longer have to get completely undressed to go to pee. But their jumpsuits are not only practical on the toilet. Wear them over a bikini on the beach and whenever you feel like jumping into the water, you can take them off super fast. Oh, and they won’t let you down in sexy moments either.

fairtrade jumpsuit matter print

Different Styles

Choose between shorter or longer legs, various colors, and prints. The different back designs are lovely, too: closed, low or rather cutout back? – You decide. No zips, but adjustable closures with buttons, wraps, and fabric belts will adjust to your body as it changes with time. This way, each Matter piece can accompany you for many years to come. And as they are designed for day and night, you can wear them on any occasion. See all styles here.

When In L.A.

We shot ethical blogger Michelle ( in The All Day Romper at the wonderful Malibu Beach last month. Wherever you go and no matter what size you are, you will look damn good in this playsuit. If you need some styling tips, here are 3 ways to wear it. Made from 100% medium weight cotton, this jumpsuit is so comfy that you want to keep it on forever. Good to know: the hand-loomed threads are dyed by hand with azo-free dyes in India. The color may vary but that’s a part of its charm.

fairtrade jumpsuit

Prints With Stories

Founders Renyung Ho and Yvonne Suñer from Singapore aim to build a bridge between the wearer and craftspeople. Therefore, they source heritage prints from the archives of their artisan communities and share their symbolic narratives with us. Sounds interesting. So let’s check out what’s behind these prints. The Vahi print, for example, illustrates the flow of clear spring water over pebbled brooks. Wanna hear another one? The Kirana motif represents moonbeams with a bright monochrome full moon and stars. Our personal favorite is the minimal Falcon print which reflects the hunt and sports activity, falconry.

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Keep Cultural Heritage Alive

All garments are made from natural heritage-fabrics, ranging from cotton, Indian crepe silk, and banana fiber which are developed in limited quantities by artisan communities in rural Asia. Using traditional techniques such as block printing, natural dye or ikat which the artisans had learned from previous generations, Matter helps keep the tradition as well as the craft alive. The garments are then stitched in small fair factories. On the website, you can see transparent to each garment where the fabric was made and where the garment was sewn.

Following a minimal waste policy, the artisan-based brand also collects leftover fabrics and uses them to make their #mattermini line for kids. Cute. You should also have a look at their pants, dresses, tops, and outerwear.

Advertorial, Images produced by MOCHNI.COM on Michelle in Malibu.

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