Clothing, Face Masks, Knitwear, Underwear

Products For: Women 
Location: New York, USA
Founded in: 2018
Empowerment:  Size-Inclusive, Small-Business, Woman-Led
CEO: Cayla O’Connell Davis

Brand Story

Knickey is an organic cotton underwear brand, offering the best-fitting basics for every body. Committed to protecting both the planet and its people, all Knickey products are GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fair Trade certified. Plus, Knickey offers the world’s first intimates Recycling Program, which allows you to recycle your old undies safely into secondary uses, Knickey or not. Making organic the daily default through elevated, ethical and affordable intimates, Knickey enables everyone to consciously convert their top drawer – without compromise.



FAIR TRADE ﹣ What makes your brand Fair Trade and how do you ensure the Fair Trade production?

All Knickey products are produced in Fairtrade International-certified and GOTS certified factories. This extends from the cotton seed all the way until the garments arrive at Knickey’s headquarters in New York City.


SOCIAL JUSTICE ﹣ How do you ensure Social Justice with your internal and external corporate environment.?

Knickey holds diverse ideas, values, races and backgrounds in high regard. Although the internal staff is small, Knickey sources from a diverse group of candidates when hiring. Knickey strives to offer a wide range of sizes, shown on models of various body types, races, gender expressions and abilities.


ORGANIC ﹣ Please list all ORGANIC materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

All of Knickey’s undies are comprised of 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 5% elastane.


ZERO WASTE ﹣ Which processes in your supply chain are zero waste?

Knickey’s products and packaging are 100% plastic-free and recyclable. In order to help their customers reduce waste, Knickey offers a complimentary recycling service to turn old underwear, socks, bras and tights into rug padding and insulation.

VEGAN ﹣ How you can ensure that your entire product collection is Vegan? If vegan-approved by a recognized organization such as PETA or Vegan Society, please name them.

All of Knickey’s goods are free from animal products and by-products.

Charity Social Integration

GIVE BACK ﹣ Why is it important for your brand to Give Back and for which organization are you donating?

Knickey regularly donates new, clean underwear to homeless shelters and community support organizations in-need, both nationally and internationally. The brand also makes monetary contributions to various organizations throughout the year including the ACLU, Intersectional Environmentalist, and environmentally-focused trade organizations.

CULTURAL SUPPORT ﹣ How do you culturally support local traditions and communities, democratic politics and education, especially in the countries where your brand operates?

Knickey supports its employees rights to democratic institutions and their rights to unionize. Our manufacturing facilities are certified Fairtrade and therefore protect employees’ rights to cultural expression and democratic organization.

Listed: 9 July 2021
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