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Keweko Skincare: The Sustainable Skincare Line to Watch

Keweko Skincare: The Sustainable Skincare Line to Watch

In cooperation with Keweko.

keweko gentle cleanser

Keweko Gentle Cleanser

Beautifully minimalistic, Keweko is a UK-based sustainable skin care line. It is certified organic via Cosmos and has been tested by skin care professionals. The line includes a selection of skin care products, each of which is unisex. Cleanse, balance, and nourish your skin with the Gentle Cleanser, Refreshing Toner, and Calming Moisturiser, as they work wonderfully together for even the most sensitive of skin. With anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredients, this routine will leave your skin feeling smooth as ever. Each of the product’s ingredients were carefully sourced and chosen due to their beneficial properties for the skin. The creation process includes sustainably blending the ingredients and putting the final product in environmentally friendly packaging.

keweko skincare tutorial_3

Keweko Refreshing Toner

Keweko’s products are housed in glass containers as it is the sustainable and nontoxic choice. Glass, unlike plastic, will never interact with any of the product’s ingredients either. Furthermore, all of the packaging is biodegradable and can be easily recycled from the glass to the cardboards and papers. It is also worth noting that Keweko is all vegan and certified cruelty-free. With rave reviews everywhere from their social media sites to catching the eye of beauty editors internationally, it’s clear to see this new line – which is barely a year and a half old – is here to stay.


keweko skincare tutorial_2

Keweko Calming Moisturiser

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