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Karl Lagerfeld goes Eco- Conscious with his Chanel Couture Collection

Karl Lagerfeld goes Eco- Conscious with his Chanel Couture Collection

Karl Lagerfeld presented his eco- conscious Haute Couture collection for spring 2016 at the Grand Palais today. The location was turned into a minimalist garden with green grass and a wood fence surrounded by a faux blue sky. The natural idyll reflects the message of the collection. Scroll through to read more about Karls eco-conscious couture collection.

Chanel, Couture Collection Spring Summer 2016 in Paris
Chanel, Couture Collection Spring Summer 2016 in Paris

Without no reason ethical fashion campaigner Livia Firth sat next to Anna Wintour in the front row. This show is a further step for the fashion industry: sustainability is the topic of our times. Karl said the show was about fashion and natural resources. So the set would be recycled following the show. The couture collection was made out of different eco-conscious materials.

1. Cork for the shoes:

The shoes are made out of cork, which is an eco-friendly material. Cork is a high-quality flexible product and comes from the bark of the evergreen cork oak tree. The extraction of the bark is renewable and the process doesn’t harm the tree. In addition this natural material is biodegradable.

2. Recycled paper for the gowns:

Recycled paper has a lot upstream impacts. The energy consumption is reduced by recycling and it causes less water and less air pollution than producing virgin paper. By using this product you could close the sustainable loop.

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3. Handmade in Paris:

Haute Couture is the french word for high fashion. It is constructed by hand from the first step to finish, made by the best pattern makers and sewing women with the finest materials of the world. Every Haute Couture gown is unique and made to measure for a costumer. The price for each garment is high regarding the exclusive production and attention to detail.

Haute Couture houses are huge influencers for upcoming fashion trends. Karl Lagerfeld proved with his Chanel collection, that eco- fashion doesn´t need to be unsexy. Other brands should be inspired by his huge step into the right direction.