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H&M Foundation Invites Consumers To Support The Green Fashion Movement

H&M Foundation Invites Consumers To Support The Green Fashion Movement

The non-profit H&M Foundation announced an initiative with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to showcase the five winners of the H&M Foundation’s early stage innovation challenge Global Change Award. Lab-made vegan leather, fibers made of nettles, a digital system to make products recyclable from scratch, children’s clothes that expand and a biodegradable toxic-free membrane for outdoor wear are the Global Change Award ideas available to support.

Read through to learn more about the Global Change Award, the five winners and how you can support their clothes-changing projects.

What is the Global Change Award?

Global Change Award was initiated 2015 by H&M Foundation, a non-profit global foundation, privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of H&M group. By catalyzing early-stage innovations that can accelerate the shift from a linear to a circular fashion industry, the aim of the Global Change Award is to protect the planet and our living conditions. Each year the five winning teams share a grant of €1 million and get access to a one-year accelerator program provided by the H&M Foundation, in collaboration with Accenture and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Neither the H&M Foundation nor the H&M group take any equity or intellectual property rights in the innovations. The H&M Foundation’s overall aim is to accelerate the progress needed to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. It focuses on four areas; Education, Water, Equality and Planet.” explains the H&M Foundation.

How To Support The Five Winners On Indiegogo

6,640 entries from 182 countries took part in the initiative. The five Global Change Award winning teams share a grant of €1 million and a one-year innovation accelerator program provided by H&M Foundation and its partners Accenture and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In addition to the accelerator program, Indiegogo supports and advice all five winners in creating their individual crowdfunding campaigns which started on April 4th and run for 30 days. The fundraising goals are set by each innovation team. A flexible funding structure is used so the innovation teams keep all funds, even if they don’t meet their goals.

Nowadays, crowdfunding means so much more than just raising funds. Companies around the world have become successful using crowdfunding platforms to build a community around their brand and get insightful consumer feedback. By supporting their projects, you play an important part in improving fashion’s impact on the planet. Become an active part as a supporter, backer, and tester of sustainable ideas that matter to you and empower early innovations. Support all five projects here.

The Five Winning Projects Of 2019:

“The Loop Scoop” by (Germany)

“The Loop Scoop” by Berlin-based company creates product– and system innovation to make fashion circular and recyclable, from sketch to scrap.

Ina Budde, co-founder of “A crowdfunding campaign can raise awareness that circularity is not a limitation but a huge driver of innovation and creativity and provides benefits to everyone; material suppliers, fashion brands, user, sorters and recyclers. We want to spread this solution-oriented mindset. A crowdfunding campaign could be a part of this process.”

“Sane Membrane” by Dimpora (Switzerland)

“Sane Membrane” by dimpora is a non-toxic, fluorine-free and biodegradable mineral-based membrane for outdoor wear.

Anna Beltzung, co-founder of Dimpora: “So far, we worked in the laboratory on the engineering parameters and improved our material in comparison to the industry standards and opinions of industry leaders. The B2C connection, which is established through the crowdfunding, will reveal the true need of our end-customers once they wear a biodegradable garment. This will show us how much trust is already established in biodegradable clothing and how we focus best on overcoming potential hesitation.”

“Sustainable Sting” by Green Nettle Textile (Kenya)

“Sustainable Sting” by Green Nettle Textile creates sustainable fashion fibers made from organic stinging nettles and provides steady incomes to farmers in Kenya.

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Jonah Mwangi, co-founder of Green Nettle Textile:All crowdfunding will be invested in order to bring direct change to the community. With the facility and equipment already acquired via the grant, we plan to invest a majority of the crowdfunding money in expanding the number of farmers engaged in commercial stinging nettle production on wastelands, and remaining in increasing production capacity and marketing.”

“Clothes That Grow” by Petit Pli (UK)

“Clothes that Grow” by Petit Pli presents eco-friendly children’s clothes made from wind- and waterproof biodegradable toxic-free membrane that grows with the child.

Ryan Yasin, Founder of Petit Pli:Additional funding could unlock the opportunity for us to experiment with recycled fibers, colors and patterns which we currently are unable to achieve at our size. As well as making additional hires we would need ahead of entering scaled production of Petit Pli suits.”

“Lab Leather” by Le Qara (Peru)

Lab Leather by Le Qara uses microorganisms to create vegan biodegradable lab leather.

Isemar Cruz Loayza, co-founder of La Qara:Receiving funds through crowdfunding would mean that our efforts to create a vegan alternative to leather are being heard. And that people are really feeling the need for change so much that they are willing to invest in our idea and take this next step forward with us. It’s a sign that people are ready for our product.”

Support all five projects here.

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