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Happy 2017! Our Contributors `New Year New Me´ Resolutions Are In

Happy 2017! Our Contributors `New Year New Me´ Resolutions Are In

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Illustration by Lianne Middeldorp


Beauty- and Wellbeing Contributor from London, @ethicalunicorn

In 2017 I want to focus more on understanding what wellness can be. As a professional dancer I love fitness, but sometimes I feel I get stuck in only one kind. In 2017 I plan to explore some of the many methods of fitness, health and wellness around London to better understand how our inside and outside selves are connected, and how pushing ourselves physically can lead us to lead happier, healthier and more conscious lives. This isn’t a New Year ‘get fit’ resolution, but instead the start of a 2017 investigation. At MOCHNI will be documenting my different wellness experiences, encounters and what I learn along the way. I imagine it will make for some entertaining, occasionally embarrassing, and interesting reading!

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Beauty Contributor from Atlanta, @beyondbeautyblog

My New Year’s Resolution this year is simply to meditate more. One thing many people often do with resolutions is to start out doing something every day only to get burnt out and move on very quickly. I’ve learned for myself that starting slow is key for adopting new habits, so I’ve decided to start with just 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation twice a week. A large principle of meditation is to be gentle and forgiving with yourself, which is why I plan to start slow and work my way up to more throughout the weeks. By the same token, researchers from Oxford University found that the brain regions associated with self-referential thoughts were the mediators for reducing anxiety through mindfulness meditation. Since these days we all need a little extra help reducing anxiety, I call on all of you to also be gentle with yourselves in your resolutions this year. In order to fulfill your goals for 2017, find a healthy starting point and be kind to yourself because it can make all the difference in anxiety levels.

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Fashion Contributor from Los Angeles, @amandalouobrien

My New Year’s Resolution started out of a simple practice we now have in our home. We had a trash bin and a recycling bin in the kitchen. At first, we filled up the recycling bin (much more often than the trash) and carried it outside in a plastic trash bag to our larger trash bin for street pick-up once a week. Once I realized how many new trash bags we were using just to take out recycling, we decided to take the recycling straight out to the bigger outside bin, eliminating the use of extra trash bags. Maybe this seems small, but sometimes you have to start small to change your habits and make it stick long-term.

This is the same approach I want to take with more areas of my life. Whether it’s the clothing I purchase or wear (new or vintage) there’s shipping boxes and materials used along the way. Same goes for groceries. For the most part, I carry reusable bags to the market and back home, but what about take-out orders or delivery? All of the packaging items add up.

So my New Year’s Resolution is to wear the clothing I have longer, (which is more of an ongoing goal), reuse clothing, goods, and containers as much as possible, and continue to make wiser decisions when it comes to how I consume. Even wonderful new sustainable and ethical products require packaging and shipping, so really it’s more about only getting what I really need and re-training my lifestyle to slowly edit more and more of the waste out of it.

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Fashion Contributor from Bern

2016 was undoubtedly one of the craziest trips around the sun I have ever had. Not only was is a very troubled year for my private life but also it was a mess regarding local and world politics. Everything that happened made me reflect a lot and for the first time in years, I actually sat down and made new year resolutions. Here is what I came up with:

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Increase Sustainability:
I don’t know if this one actually counts as a new years resolution because it is something I try to improve all the time. But anyway I strive to live more sustainable in general. This means I want to reduce waste, eat local food and buy less fast fashion. I realized that in a busy time, I tend to grab a coffee to go in a disposable cup or don’t separate all the recycling and stuff like this. So my goal is to think more even when I am in a rush.

Vegan At Home:
A more specific thing which I started a while back but then stopped again is being „vegan at home“. I have been thinking about veganism quite a lot and what bothers me most is that it seems to be a black & white thing. You are either a vegan or you are not. The thing is, I know how horrible the meat and dairy industries are (and this is a massive issue) but apart from that, there is nothing wrong with eating meat, it is a natural thing. So what I am doing now is: I strictly buy vegan food only. But still, I allow myself to eat everything when I go out with friends. I do understand that this might seem hypocritical and give me tons of space to cheat. But here is the thing: I trust myself enough to know that I don’t cheat. To make a difference for the industry, it is about eating less meat dairy products in the first place. If we all eat 80% less meat, this has a massive impact on the environment and the industries.

Do More Volunteer Work:
In 2016 I started a new job which I absolutely love. I used to struggle with the idea that as a designer (which I am) I can’t make enough of an impact in the world. But now I found out that designing makes me very happy, which means I don’t leave the office exhausted every night. Which in the end gives me more time and energy to put into volunteer work and this is where I can create that impact I was looking for. So I applied for a refugee mentoring program and will start working with them in January, which I am really looking forward to.

What I learned from 2016 is that you can give more, create more and achieve more of you are truly happy. So why don’t you take some time for yourself in this festive time to reflect on what makes you happy? And then start the new year full of positive energy and optimism. I wish you guys all the best for the new year!

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What are your new year´s resolutions? Tell us in the comments below.

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