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Greenpeace x MOCHNI: MAKE SMTHNG Week

Greenpeace x MOCHNI: MAKE SMTHNG Week

make something greenpeace
greenpeace and mochni
Scarf hand-knitted by Maj-Britt Erdmann, Photo: Mochni, Model: Toni Blau, Hair & Makeup: Agnesha Kollien

There Is A Maker In Everyone

Do you know how much a mother values her child’s first paintings? Or the pride you feel by saying the words „I made it myself!“ ?
As a toddler, you learn, create, and enjoy your progress.

Unfortunately, many of us have lost their little maker inside. If you would like to awake this beautiful power, the MAKE SMTHNG WEEK is calling you. From the 2nd to the 10th of December 2017 this motto will go around the globe.

greenpeace and mochni makers week
Cardigan hand-knitted by Maj-Britt Erdmann, Photo: Mochni, Model: Toni Blau, Hair & Makeup: Agnesha Kollien


Because seeing your own progress in creating something is more fulfilling and enduring than buying something new.

Knitting is only one possibility to design and produce your own individual wardrobe. You can recycle and upcycle textiles or have a swap party with your friends to get a „new” outfit.

Knit projects start with the vision of a perfect piece. You define the style, choose the quality and color and start knitting!
You do not know how? Psst… ask YouTube and start from the beginning. Or ask your mother or friend if they can teach you how to knit.
A scarf is the easiest project to start with, trust me!

The knitted coat in the picture is my first style on this level, believe it or not! And I am so happy every single time I wear MY designs.
There you will find the value in clothes again!


Discover Your Potential As A Maker!

Make something instead of buying something. And share it with the world. To show green alternatives to fast fashion!

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Athens, Berlin, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Milano, Moscow, Nairobi, Rome, San Sebastian, Taipei are in! Are you with us?

Then share your project by using #makesmthng #buynothing

Text: Maj-Britt Erdmann

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