Products For: Unisex
Location: Berlin, Germany and London, UK
Founded in: 2011
Empowerment: Small-Business, Woman-Led
CEO: Gina Melosi


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Brand Story

Ethics meets design. Jewellery for all genders.
The Gina Melosi label marries cutting-edge, conceptual jewellery design with ethical principles and materials. A feature of the brand is the highly personalised service coupled with artisanal, small-batch, local production. Production is borne in Berlin, where almost everything takes place in-house, from design, sampling and finishing, to marketing and shipping. Gina Melosi’s edgy designs take risks, yet retain a sophisticated classicism, making them items to cherish and wear season after season. A fascination with the broken, overlooked, and abandoned, gives ready-made found objects new life in recycled fine metals and fair-trade/lab-grown gemstones.



FAIR TRADE ﹣ What makes your brand Fair Trade and how do you ensure the Fair Trade production?

The label complies with all aspects of the Fair Trade criterion. Each master object is designed and made by Gina herself. As well, one-of-a-kind pieces are cast/built in-house at the designer-run showroom/shop/studio directly by Gina. Multiples are cast only from reputable casting houses in Berlin or London that specialise in recycled/fairmined metals. Certain elements of the production process that are outsourced, such as stone setting, take place with local artisans that we trust and know personally. The brand collaborates with other independent designers in art direction, photography, marketing, and social media.


SOCIAL JUSTICE ﹣ How do you ensure Social Justice with your internal and external corporate environment?

The Gina Melosi brand is a brand for all genders, ages, races, nationalities, and sexual orientations. We champion the LGBTQIA+ community and do not partner with those who spread messages of hate, including homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or racism. We value individuality and each person's unique gift.


RECYCLED ﹣ Please list all RECYCLED materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

All collections (apart from previous versions in copper) are produced in recycled bronze, recycled 925 silver or EcoSilver, or PinkSilver (recycled silver and copper). Bespoke pieces are often created in recycled gold.


UPCYCLED ﹣ Please list all RECYCLED materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

Some upcycled materials are used (ex. leather offcuts, diamonds, found objects).

DEZ Eco Material 21_2

ECO/TECH ﹣ Please list all ECO/TECH materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

EcoSilver (100% recycled silver) is used in some of our collections. We can also produce bespoke items in any fairmined metal (such as Fairmined Ecological Gold) and our future collection will be created from fairmined metal. We use lab-grown diamonds in some of our bespoke items.


LOCAL ﹣ Where and why is your entire product collection produced locally?

Prior to Brexit, we used casting houses in the UK as well as in Berlin, Germany. Pieces would be hand-finished in-house after receiving the casts. In terms of CUT-MAKE-TRIM (the most labour-intensive part of the production process), 100% of the product collection is produced locally.

HANDCRAFTED ﹣ How does the exact handcrafting process works?

Our jewellery is entirely handcrafted. We use tools (hand and bench tools) at various stages of the process to create the finished piece of jewellery.


ZERO WASTE ﹣ Which processes in your supply chain are zero waste?

We recycle all metal waste (off-cuts, dust, etc). We also provide a made-to-order service on all of our products that can be reproduced. As well, we offer a repair service on items of jewellery created by us.

CULTURAL SUPPORT ﹣ How do you culturally support local traditions and communities, democratic politics and education, especially in the countries where your brand operates?

We regularly attend events, workshops, and demos so that we can educate ourselves and remain up-to-date on social causes. Causes such as sustainability and ethical production within jewellery and fashion, LGBT, BIPOC, and women's rights worldwide, and mental health are of particular importance to us.

Listed: 9 July 2021