Frank the Brand

Bags & Accessories, Clothing, Denim, Face Masks

Products For: Unisex, Women 
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Founded in: 2020
Empowerment: Small-Business, Woman-Led
CEO: Faith Ronning


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Brand Story

Frank the Brand is a collection of eco-luxe, sustainably sourced, and ethically made womenswear. Frank believes in quality without compromise, beauty in imperfection, and plants over pollution. Our collections are made with organic hemp and recycled materials, designed for conscious living. Frank embraces the beautiful restraints of living with less. Shop the collection for a casual, sleek look this season. Model: Danielle Danea


Each piece in Frank’s collection is ethically hand cut and sewn in Southern California by Frank’s designer. Frank is dedicated to sustainability and changing traditional industry standards. The brand believes in being frank from A to Z - honestly sourcing their recycled labels, organic fibers, and shipping their collection in100% compostable packaging. Please visit Frank’s website and social media to learn more about our standards.

As a brand, Frank believes Black Lives Matter. Frank uses social media as a platform to share black voices and speak up against social injustices. In our first year, Frank has donated to the Black Lives Matter movement and our local Los Angeles food bank.

Frank works with organic hemp and organic cotton. Our fabric mill is approved by The Organic Textile Standard, The Fair Wear Foundation, The Organic Cotton Standard, The Textile Exchange, and The Global Recycle Standard. Frank’s mill participates in several humanitarian efforts including garment donations to the Leprosy Project. Our hemp nourishes the earth. As the nutrient-dense plant matures, leaf matter falls to the ground and decomposes, replenishing the soil. Hemp is able to thrive off of rainwater. As Frank does its part to reduce waste, we encourage others to do the same.

Frank's best-selling fabric is 90% recycled hemp. Not only is hemp a natural fiber, but hemp enhances soil health by shading out weeds, reducing the need for synthetic herbicides, and adding diversity to crop rotations. Hemp is becoming a leading eco fabric, as it uses next to no water during its growth period.

Frank's eco materials are created to be luxurious and high quality while simultaneously being sustainable. Our fabric mill finds the newest innovations in low impact manufacturing each season. Franks' fabric mill uses EU approved dyes and chemicals in the dyeing and finishing process. The team carefully monitors and controls water waste. Grown without any harmful chemicals or pesticides, organic cotton keeps our oceans clean, eliminating the allergens found in conventionally grown cotton, providing our consumers with peace of mind when it comes to their environmental footprint.

100% of Frank's production is based locally in Los Angeles, California.

Frank recycles all pattern and fabric scraps. The brand ships packages in recyclable and compostable materials. Our fabric is 100% compostable. Frank's latest collection was made to order, ensuring zero waste.

Frank the Brand is 100% Vegan. No animal-derived products are used in any part of our brand.

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