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Find Happiness In Nature With These 9 Tips

Find Happiness In Nature With These 9 Tips


Make a flower crown, so pick some for a nice arrangement for your home. But only pick them from where you legally can of course! We don’t condone breaking/bending the law! And make sure you’re not going to be allergic! Probably not the best activity for those with hay fever…


Take your mat and find a nice shady place in the park. Stretch out, and get the blood flowing while taking in the sights and sounds around you. See how many different things you can hear during your practice, listen past traffic if you can hear it, and listen for the wind in the trees and the grass, the buzzing of the bees in the flowers.


Unless of course you’re a cat person… Dog’s are always so happy, you cant help but feel happy around them too. If you don’t have one, you can sometimes find organizations that allow you to walk other people’s dogs, or just borrow a friend’s fur-baby!


Find some trails, grab your water bottle, some snacks, and some comfy shoes and get walking. Breathe in all that oxygen the trees around you are producing, get away from the traffic noise and pollution.


Organize a picnic for yourself and some friends. All you need are a couple of blankets, and a little bit of time to organize who is bringing what. Ask everyone to bring a dish to share, and make sure you delegate enough sweet and savory so you don’t end up with 10 cakes (not always a problem in my book!).



If you can’t stay away from technology, take your camera or smartphone out into the forest or just to the local park with you and get creative. Maybe you discover a flower that you’ve never seen before, or a leaf with a unique shape and colour. I personally love to follow bees around while they bury their faces into flowers!
(I can give you an image for this?)


Find a time that suit you and some friends, find a park, and get moving! Make a list of easy, body weight exercises (check out Pinterest), and push each other to burn off that extra slice of cake you had over the weekend.


A pond, a lake, the ocean. Whatever you have near you. I always find being around water can be incredibly calming. You cant watch the ducks and laugh at their daily dramas, or maybe even rent a canoe and get out on the water yourself!


This is another great activity to do with some friends! (Pinterest might be another great resource for this). Make a list of interesting or obscure things that people need to take a photo with, set your boundary, time limit, the “prize” for the winner, and off you go!

Photos: Terese Enhiak

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