Products For: Baby/Kids, Women 
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Founded in: 2011
Empowerment: Small-Business
CEO: Coque Prieto

Brand Story

Hand knitting cozy, soft, warm and very wearable sweaters since 2011 only with pure fibers and free of cruelty. Definitely a small company, most of the knits are knitted by the order. Honoring time, tradition and skills, enjoying every step of this beautiful and creative journey.



FAIR TRADE ﹣ What makes your brand Fair Trade and how do you ensure the Fair Trade production?

Every knit is made in Brooklyn, New York, in a very creative, beautiful and happy environment.


SOCIAL JUSTICE ﹣ How do you ensure Social Justice with your internal and external corporate environment?

Only one person making all the knits.


ORGANIC ﹣ Please list all ORGANIC materials you work with. What makes this material sustainable and better than conventional material?

We only work with pure fibers: 100% wool, 100% cashmere, 100% cotton.


LOCAL ﹣ Where and why is your entire product collection produced locally?

100% made in Brooklyn, New York

HANDCRAFTED ﹣ How does the exact handcrafting process works?

All knits are hand made.


ZERO WASTE ﹣ Which processes in your supply chain are zero waste?

We use what we have and we buy fibers in small batches. Because almost everything is made by the order, at the end of the season there's almost no waste.

Listed: 9 July 2021
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