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Eva Kruse, CEO Of Global Fashion Agenda And Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Eva Kruse, CEO Of Global Fashion Agenda And Copenhagen Fashion Summit

eva kruse
Eva Kruse photo
Eva Kruse, CEO

Eva Kruse is the CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, a leadership forum for fashion sustainability and Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the worldwide biggest yearly industry event for sustainable fashion. Read further to get to know Eva and her ambition on sustainable fashion.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017 stage

NAME: Eva Kruse

PROFESSION: CEO of Global Fashion Agenda and Copenhagen Fashion Summit

CITY: Copenhagen


FAVORITE HOT SPOT: With my back against my husband’s chest

3 ITEMS IN MY HANDBAG:  Credit cards, chewing gum, and hairspray

I NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT: Running shoes and high heels

ROLE MODEL: Margrethe Vestager, Danish EU commissioner

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Eva Kruse speaking at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2016.

 1. What inspires and motivates you to do what you do?

Eva: My three children and the thought of handing over the planet to them… preferably in better condition than when I got it from my parents.

Livia Firth at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017

2. One thing you would like to change in the politics regarding the fashion industry?

Eva: The perception that fashion is just for stupid blonds who like to shop. And I’d like our politicians to take an active part in creating regulations that will speed up usage of green technologies for instance in recycling materials and to help the industry improve working conditions for workers globally.. 

The Crown Princess of Denmark at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017

3. What do you say to girls and women who say: “Fair Fashion is not sexy or I don’t know where to shop ethical fashion or I can not afford it!“ ?

Eva: The thing that makes a fashion item sexy or interesting is not whether it is sustainable or not, it is the design, the materials and in many cases even the brand. Fortunately more and more great brands that do amazing designs are making sustainable products – that are equally desirable and sexy yet made with sustainable materials and with respect for the people who made them.
Price is of course always a relevant topic to discuss when talking about consumption. People need to be aware that price also plays a pivotal part in how sustainable a product can be – if consumers are not willing to pay more than 5$ for a t-shirt is leaves very little room for the brand to do good. 

Suzy Menkes and Renzo Rosso at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017

4. How do you see the future of the fashion industry?

Eva: The future for fashion is both green and prosperous. It is full of new innovations, new technologies and new business models that optimize the way we think, design, produce and consume fashion.

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