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Ethical Gift Guide: 10 Products You Can Gift The Whole Year

Ethical Gift Guide: 10 Products You Can Gift The Whole Year

ethical gift guide

Gifting is fun and it shows in a way love and gratitude to someone. The products we have selected are all ethical and only products we want to gift, be gifted and buy for ourselves. The coolest is, you can gift them all year round. Read through and enjoy shopping for someone you like.

1. Organic Shirt | House of Khadi

This shirt is fairtrade, unisex, hand-spun, hand-dyed, and hand-woven from non genetically modified cotton which has been sourced from small villages in West Bengal. It also has eco-friendly buttons and comes in an eco-friendly packaging. This light casual shirt is available in different colors. Don´t wait and get this shirt now.

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2. Brooklyn Bicycle | Pelago Bike

Which transportation is more eco-friendly than riding a bike? This stylish, minimal bike could bring you or someone you like from A to B. You can choose high quality components and set up your own Finnish Pelago Bike. We think everyone should own a bike which is simple, practical and sustainable!

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3. Ethical Subscription Box | My Made in Box

my made in box
Do you want to gift something sepecial to someone the whole year round? Then don´t wait any longer and subscripe to the “My Made in Box” which brings a box full of authentic goods from around the world, every 2 months. It is so much fun to discover new brands and designers and to learn their story through these exciting boxes.

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4. Upcycled Bag | Bridge & Tunnel

Nothing is more sustainable than creating beautiful pieces out of post- and pre-consumer waste. Bridge & Tunnel produces their upcycled bags locally in Germany with the help of refugees and people who had difficulties to find a job but are experienced in craftsmanship. Their sustainable bags are unique and made with love. Besides the bags, you also can find interior pieces.

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5. Handmade Accessories | Cut The Posh

Welcome to Cut The Posh! The boho-chic jewelry, tote bags, and clothing are handmade in small batch productions while supporting the slow fashion movement in their printing and crafting methods. Also, with every piece, Cut The Posh supports female artisans offering these women the flexibility of working from the comfort and safety of their homes. These handcrafted, colorful accessories make every outfit a little fancier. How can we not love their pieces?

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6. Handmade Kimono | Gnana

The ultimate trend piece in Australia and now in Europe and the US is the kimono. You can not go wrong by gifting this piece. This lightweight embroidered kimono is ethically-made from 100% wool gauze and it is locally handcrafted in Romania. Only a limited edition of 5 pieces is available. We love the handmade cutout embroidery on the back. You can wear it at home or outdoor.

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7. Vegan Bag | CMPLT UNKNWN

CMPLT UNKNWN (Complete Unknown) is a bold new vegetarian accessories brand that combines the attitude of punk and rock & roll with craftsmanship and ethical business practices. All bags are hand-embroyedered and hand-sewn by expert craftsman in Uttar Pradesh, India with high-quality standards. The materials are cruelty-free Polyurethan, brass zippers, and the embroidery raw materials are locally sourced from markets in India. We love that they produce their bags in a city, which is famous for its hand embroidery techniques including the “chikankari”, “zardozi” and “”aari” styles and support their artwork.

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8. Lip Tint | The Beauty Archive

ethical gift thebeauty archiv lip tint
Photo: Mochni, Model: Toni Blau, H&M: Agnesha Kollien

Every girl needs a sophisitcated lip tint. It is empowering, modern, and sexy. It looks great on any skin tone and the best is that the Beauty Archive lip tint is organic and comes in a glas jar which is recyclable. We absolutely love this matt dark sophisticated red which you can easily apply with your finger on the go.

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9. Organic Foam Cleanser | Nuori

Photo: Mochni, Model: Luisa Engel

This creamy and smoothing foam cleanser is the perfect companion for starting and ending the day. It removes dirt and makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils. The foam offers powerful antioxidant protection and combat redness and irritation. It leaves you with a refreshing and very smooth feeling. We love it!

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10. Refreshing Toner | Keweko

Keweko is our new and one of our best beauty brand discoveries of 2017! We love the refreshing toning mist which blends Rose Water and Aloe with sweet notes of Bergamot. It could be the perfect follow-up after using the Nuori cleanser in the morning and night, but Keweko also offers their own cleanser. The toner has a natural soothing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effect. You also can use it during the day at home, in the office, in-flight, and wherever your are on the go.

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