Ethical Womenswear


The Amsterdam-based womenswear brand Aesthetic Stories designs timeless clothes for an effortless look using top-notch materials such as wool. Our favorite styles: their timeless merino wool sweaters that keep you warm and cozy. Each piece is fairly produced in Portugal by carefully selected factories. The employees make a living through fair working conditions and are considered as part of the Aesthetic Stories family.


Instead of saying “my body doesn’t fit into this shirt”, we should rather say “this shirt doesn’t fit my body”. The size-inclusive, ethical women’s apparel label Alice Alexander celebrates women of all body types. And also if their size chart (ranging from 0-28) doesn’t work for you, Alice Alexander is happy to make a garment adjusted to your body without any additional costs. Every piece is produced under fair conditions in their home base in Philadelphia, using sustainable fabrics. The result: clothes in unique colors, prints, and cuts for your unique body. Made to order within 2-3 weeks.


AndAgain creates one-of-a-kind fashion pieces from vintage, second hand and leftover materials. Sparked by the wish of bridging the gap between most unique fashion, art and sustainability, the two founders Morgan Young and Greg Harder started AndAgain back in 2016. The contemporary designs are handmade in the USA and waste absolutely no materials and almost no water in their production. They create unique capsule collections with artists all around the world and contract sewers throughout the USA for efficient, on-demand production.


It started with Anne James presenting a collection at a sustainable fashion showcase during New York Fashion Week. The young fashion designer now creates sustainable womenswear in classic silhouettes which feature traditional craft textiles and embroideries sourced from artisans across the world. The company is committed to sustainability—be it through deadstock or upcycled fabric (less waste), digital printing (less dye), or new technology “smart” fabrics made of recycled materials (the Parsons grad also studied sustainable textile development in Milan). And, as a strong supporter of the arts, proceeds from collections go to various arts nonprofits.


Clothes that make you feel more connected to nature because of their basic, natural fabric hemp. The South African designer and artist Natalie Florence founded the ethical and sustainable women’s fashion brand Arraei with the desire to bring nature, simplicity, and humanity together. Inspired by the vast nature of her home country and travels around the world, she created a capsule collection of 5 timeless and chic pieces for women that are in harmony with themselves and their natural surroundings. Each Arraei piece is responsibly hand crafted in Vancouver.


atolye ren

It’s all about the journey, not the destination: living up to her dreams, founder of the sustainable fashion label from Istanbul, Gözde Karateki shares three motivations to produce slow fashion with the world: the freedom to be yourself, the awareness for the environment and the solidarity with others. Handcrafted in their own little studio (Atölye means studio in Turkish), they upcycle discarded fabrics, reuse their own production waste and work with natural materials such as cotton, linen and tencel. Believing that beauty lies in diversity, they produce minimal, comfortable and timeless clothes for different body shapes and all sizes.


If minimal, contemporary clothing is your thing, then August is for you. Founded by an Estonian designer Äli Kargoja, the brand is founded on providing well-made, environmentally friendly fashion to the conscious woman. Each of their pieces is carefully designed and mindfully manufactured to form modern, elegant silhouettes with clean lines and expressive shapes. They source only the best GOTS certified natural materials for the highest quality garments that don’t cost the earth. Their small-scale production benefits both the workers and the environment, and allows Äli to oversee all parts of production and ensure the highest quality end product.


Danish zero waste label Better World Fashion is helping to rethink the way we “own” clothing. What if we didn’t have to buy it anymore? Better World Fashion is allowing you to “Lease a leather Jacket” instead of buying it. Or if you do decide to keep it, there is an unlimited buy-back agreement in place. This is because Better World Fashion exclusively uses repurposed leather for their jackets which is collected by NGO partners in Denmark. When you send a jacket back, they can reuse it! The Better World Fashion sustainable model prolongs the life of materials reducing the environmental footprint (and yours!). The responsible production takes place in Poland. The lining is made from recycled polyester, the zippers and buttons are re-melted, recycled and premium YKK hardware. We love their philosophy!


Classical European, gamine, and perfectly clean-tailored silhouettes in tones like white, beige, and navy meet traditional West-African details and dessins in beautiful bright colors like yellow, blue, or red. The designers German and Nigerian roots enable her to understand both cultures and allow her to reflect them into her unique designs which create a new consciousness for fashion and materials from both cultures. Her knowledge for African handicraft and techniques are visible implemented in her pieces. Buki only uses high quality, eco-friendly materials like organic and certified cotton, organic hemp-silk, and individual African wax prints. The small-scale collection is fully handcrafted in her studio and a small manufacture in Berlin.


BYEM is a Scandinavian Slow Fashion label and is comprised of all the clean, modern designs synonymous with “Scandinavian design”. Their beautifully tailored garments are designed for the “modern woman” – someone who is conscious of her “impact” on the world, but still wants to step out in style. BYEM seamlessly combines ethics with clean cut, modern pieces. Sign up to their launch letter to keep updated on the launch of their line of sustainably tailored, timeless garments.


By Signe’s entire design and production process happens under one roof in Denmark. This ensures transparency and control over all of the processes and guarantees the best of ethics and a fair, non-discriminatory environment. The brand endeavours to only use fabrics that are certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Just in case you don’t know, GOTS defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well. By Signe tries to keep all of their fabrics unbleached. Their colour palette is neutral across the range. Pieces can be mixed and matched and incorporated into your existing wardrobe with ease.


Founded in 2017 by French designer Eléonore Cass, CASS clothes are manufactured by tailors that put their skills and talent into what you wear. This is why each of their pieces bears a label with the name of its maker and the country it was made. To ensure transparency, the brand provides all info about their materials so you can trace back the origin of every item – from buttons to stitching thread –  in their ‘materials & origins’ tab. CASS uses natural, cruelty-free, certified organic materials and, if possible, uses dyes with the lowest environmental impact. The minimal design goes with minimal packaging: their timeless high-end pieces come in up-cycled and reusable garment bags. Take a sneak peek at their elegant vegan silk tops made from 90% bamboo modal and 10% cotton.


CHAM Studio is a Parisian fashion brand that creates the most beautiful and stylish silk pieces we have seen in a while. Made-to-order at its best. From wide-cut pants to luxurious blouses and asymmetric skirts – all pieces are made with the finest craftsmanship. The sustainable brand works with the renowned silk village Lanh My A in Vietnam, where they source and hand-dye their exclusive silk with plants. It is super hard to choose from their oh so many eco-printed silk scarves. Each of them is one-of-a-kind as they are hand-printed by the designer with flowers, bugs, plants and more natural materials. We want!



The two rebels Carl Ollson and Felix von Bahder were running their own vintage shop in Stockholm before they created Deadwood in 2012. Being passionate about timeless design and second-hand clothing, they use 100% recycled leather to make their punk-inspired jackets and accessories. Instead of ending up in landfills, old leather garments are turned into iconic-looking pieces (we love the soft worn feel!) that are the environmentally- and animal-friendly alternative to newly produced leather items. The collections are released bi-annually and include Women’s, Men’s, Unisex and –for the little rockers among us–Children’s styles.


Founder of Discover Boutique, Michelle, fell in love with traveling the world and discovering secret, off the beaten track locations, along with the style that came with this exploratory life. Each piece is designed in Barcelona using inspiration Michelle has drawn from her worldly travels. She then works with ethical sources and producers in Bali to bring her travel-ready pieces to life. Hand-dying and hand-printing techniques effortlessly blend with modern feminine cuts for pieces that make a statement. Her latest collection celebrates her travels through Bali. The custom print designs symbolise the values and unique story behind Discover Boutique.



“I’ve always believed that when we wear clothes that are well made, we feel better and more confident” – having had most of her clothes tailored in an atelier run by her mum, Paris-based Nathalie Neuilly founded a virtual atelier where women can order made-to-measure clothes on one click. You choose the fabric and style and the garment will be tailored to your specifications to ensure a perfect fit. Professional artisans will then produce your unique piece that is made as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible at fair prices.


LA based Echo & Air creates their modern, thoughtfully designed pieces only a stones-throw from their studio. (Well, you need a pretty strong-arm, but it’s only a few miles). They strive to use the most advanced eco-friendly techniques and materials possible and support the local economy but ethically producing so close to their studio. They reduce their carbon footprint where ever possible; from the sourcing of their materials, the printing and processing, all the way through to transportation. The designers play with shapes and textures to create pieces that last longer than the seasons, and can integrate easily into their customers’ closets.


Trash is the good news: founded by Javier Goyeneche in 2012, the sustainable fashion brand Ecoalf creates high-quality clothing and accessories entirely made from recycled fabrics. Discarded fishing nets, used PET bottles, tires, coffee, post-industrial cotton, and wool are the materials used for their super stylish jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, and more. For women, men, and kids! So far, more than 70 million plastic bottles have been upcycled. The exemplary company is Spain’s first fashion brand to become B Corp, too. Ecoalf also launched “Upcycling the Oceans” which helps remove waste from the oceans in Southeast Asia. Because there is no Planet B.



At Feelwear, they believe merino wool isn’t just for thermals or outdoor active-wear; they firmly believe it should hold a place in our daily wardrobe staples. Merino has so many amazing qualities, and it is often underutilised to its full capacity. It is one of the softest, yet most elastic natural fibres in the world which makes it not only comfortable, but versatile as well. Merino doesn’t just keep you warm in winter, but it can also keep you cool in summer and requires far less washing that many other materials. Feelwear has created a range of merino pieces for the “urban professional” all of which have their own touch of minimalist-chic.


Nope, no typo there. A krama is a traditional Cambodian silk or cotton scarf which is woven in a pattern that create thousands of tiny squares. Good Krama partners with Cambodian artisans to create unique apparel that seamlessly blends traditional techniques with modern design. They use both handwoven silk and cotton fabrics as well as salvaged fabric from local factories. Transparency is vital within Good Krama, and they introduce all of their design and sewing team on their website. They are also very conscious of their environmental impact and have created life cycle assessments of each piece. You can track your environmental impact AND see who made your clothes!



From their Bucharest studio, Gnana seamlessly blends ancient weaving techniques with modern designs. With tendencies on the contrast between natural, simplicity and craftsmanship, Gnana brings a versatile and conceptual design with simple cuts, completed by the use of natural materials that are either locally woven or upcycled from deadstock. Their star material is the locally developed cotton gauze with Air Soft Technology. This modern implementation of archaic woven techniques makes it possible to keep the resistance and natural properties of the fiber unaffected which supports the longevity of each garment, being easy to care for, non-allergic, and breathable. Gnana focuses on the work with local craftsmen, artisans and ateliers to produce versatile, contemporary pieces. Their minimalistic forms and choice of high quality materials bring to life creative pieces for modern men and women who care and want to protect the nature.


Gritt & Borris is the brainchild of power couple Gritt Mortensen and Mikkel Borris. Together, they decided to make a difference in the world of fashion. Minimising their footprint on the environment was one of the key principles behind founding Gitt & Borris. They focus on a sustainable value chain and making high-quality pieces that last more than a single season. Materials are sourced from certified factories and small villages alike, wherever they can find the quality and aesthetic they are searching for. Gritt & Borris only release one or two timeless collections per year, each with a maximum of 15 styles. Their clean forms and minimalist cuts easily combine with the rest of your wardrobe.


Henri is all about the harmonious relationship between form and function. Every shirt is designed to be versatile, comfortable, practical, and chic. Founder, Henrietta, has made it her personal mission to find the perfect balance between form and function while weaving in (quite literally!) a strong emphasis on sustainability. All fabrics are 100% organic cotton, with the majority of the cotton being GOTS certified. All Henri shirts begin with expert designing and excellent pattern cutting by Henriette herself. She tests each design herself before the final pieces are manufactured in London or Portugal. Henrietta is also working to employ more disadvantaged women and those in rural communities to help grow and strong and meaningful supply chain.


Honest By is a pioneer in the fashion industry – they are the first company in the world to be 100% transparent. They share the entire material and production cost breakdown with their customers. Under each product on their webshop, you can see the price calculation as well as the time it took to create. It includes prices for everything from the amount of fabric and thread used, labels and tags, to patterning and manufacturing. Furthermore, they also include the mark-up and reason why. This transparency ensures you know exactly what you are buying and the story behind it. Honest By are the leaders in helping customers make informed decisions.


Hoth & Bothered is a sustainable fashion brand committed to making a positive impact on our environment and its people. Their minimalistic, timeless and at the same time eco-friendly pieces show that saving the world goes without compromising style. – And can indeed be pretty sexy. Their non-seasonal collections boast organic silk and cotton basics for women who care more than just about their looks. All pieces are ethically made which means that all employees are paid fairly and work under good conditions. Hoth & Bothered was founded in New Zealand and is now based in The Netherlands.


instructions plus

Instructions + is a Paris- based ethical fashion label that was founded in 2017 with the aim to help Indian women who had been unemployed or worked for sweatshops by providing training sessions. For the small batch contemporary collection, Instructions + only works with locally sourced, sustainable fibers such as handwoven cotton or natural fabrics from deadstock. All pieces are entirely made without zippers or additional accessories so that you can recycle or compost the pieces easily. The design approach is ‘one-size fits most’ to minimize the customers wardrobe as the clothing evolve with the body. We love that!


j.jackman was created for women who want to make a difference. Their mission is to give these women the possibility to make a change, also in the fashion industry. They do this by offering sophisticated, timeless pieces made in Germany, working directly with seamstresses to ensure that the people who make their clothes are treated fairly. j.jackman’s modern silhouettes can be worn from the office, to a cafe on the weekend, and also on date-night. For their collections, only European-sourced fabrics are used, including organic cotton, silk, and viscose. j.jackman has also recently incorporated waste reduction into their designs by using off-cuts for their accessories.


When we think of eco-wear, many still think of green – not so sexy. To make it cool and sexy, Jan N June founders Anna and Julia decided that black is the new green (their collection boasts many colors though, no worries). The idea was to create stylish and affordable transparent eco-fashion, without compromises. Because just like you, Anna and Julia love both, fashion and the planet. Founded and based in Hamburg, they produce in a family-owned manufactory in Wroclaw, Poland. All materials are certified and sustainable using organic or recycled cotton and polyester, organic linen, and Tencel. The outcome: beautiful and minimalistic sustainable clothing for a better world. #byebyefastfashion!


jean franklin

Based in Los Angeles, Jean Franklin is an online store for shopping ethical and sustainable pieces for your wardrobe and home, both new and vintage. Inspired by sunny California in the 60s and 70s, we make clothing you’ll want to keep in your wardrobe for years to come. Each piece can be styled in a variety of ways and worn by many body types. Sourced locally, pieces are produced from deadstock and recycled materials in small quantities, down to the thread, buttons and zippers used. Every item is made-to-order so that we only make the sizes you want.


At JPL Atelier, the past and the present meet. The London-based eco-luxe label wishes to help secure our future by creating sustainable fashion pieces inspired by women of the past. Catherine De Medici, Emily Davidson or Emmeline Pankhurst are just some of the daring women who come alive in JPL Atelier´s collections. The sophisticated dresses, blouses, and bottoms have a touch of romantic nostalgia and are entirely made from certified recycled and/or organic materials such as post-consumer water bottles or Ramie. Each garment is made by hand with the highest quality finishings in their social factory in London. The JPL Atelier-team consists of strong female individuals and everyone involved – from seamstresses to designers and shoot stylists – is treated equally.


Founded by designer and coordinator of the Fashion Revolution movement in Switzerland, Pauline Treis, Jungle Folk stands for simple, trans-seasonal women’s clothing. The garments are made without synthetic fibers and solely made from natural, certified materials like organic cotton from Peru, French linen or hand-spun silk from India. As the brand purchases the materials directly from the producers, the supply chain is completely transparent and traceable. Jungle Folk promotes social projects and works with small cooperatives in remote areas in India or South America where seamstresses and artisans receive fair wages.


KEMP GADEGÅRD is a Berlin-based studio that creates sustainable, season-less, womenswear. The team works hard to educate others to the fact that fashion does not need to be viewed as “disposable”; and they do this by leading by example. Their garments are designed slowly, and with intention and then ethically handcrafted in Spain from high quality, natural and organic materials. Aesthetics and comfort are key components in the conceptualization of a piece and they are designed to be worn numerous ways to encourage us to wear the same item multiple times. This helps to dispel the myth that we can only wear that item once before we need to buy something new and “on trend”.


KOKOworld was born from a love of travel to all corners of the globe. The label works to bring the traditional designs and techniques of far off Developing Countries closer to home, and preserving them in modern fashion. Fair Trade principles and practices are the basis for KOKOworld’s designs. Transparency, honesty, and respect ensure that we – their customers – receive the best quality and craftsmanship available. Their fabrics and materials come from all over the world from artisans they have built relationships with and empowered to continue their craft under fair conditions.



Inspired by tribal art and the wonders of nature, the two power women Livia and Nina design clothing with original and quirky prints that tell a story. Forward thinking and at the same time old school, they use local and organic fabrics as well as non hazardous dyes and upcycle scraps that would normally go to waste. To create their designs, they work with free hand drawing, paint brushing and then print their clothes with silkscreens and woodblock. Appreciating the talent of local artisans and providing seamstresses and field workers in India with a fair living wage is a matter close to their heart.



Whether dress, scarf, skirt, cardigan or cape: Stefanie Kukla made the impossible possible and created a beautiful all in one piece that turns into the garment you wish it to be – for any occasion. She named it Kukla. Being the chameleon of the fashion world, the Kukla is as flexible as its wearer and makes creative women like you quickly look good wherever you are. Entirely made from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified fabrics from Europe. Hand-sewn with loads of love in Vienna. One size fits all. P.S: As there are endless varieties to wrap the Kukla, you can find some inspiring how-to-videos on their website.


Since 1999 Claudia Lanius and her team follow one vision: to combine ecological and flawless materials with fair working conditions, feminine designs and clear silhouettes. Love fashion, think organic and be responsible is what Lanius stands for. The company’s philosophy is based on creating fashion that feels good on your skin and your conscience. Lanius fairly produces their pieces in their atelier in Cologne and works with small companies across the globe. The label is GOTS-certified, obtains a strict no-mulesing-policy and provides a big variety of vegan styles, which are “PETA-approved vegan”. From pants, knitwear, tops, coats, bedding and more: sustainable fashion can be that beautiful!


Les Sublimes is empowering shoppers to make fashion-forward yet sustainable shopping choices. Each style is designed in their Paris-based studio using luxurious, environmentally-friendly fabrics. Many styles are even produced in their home country of France. When they source a fabulous material from abroad, they ethically produce there where that material has originated. This keeps the style’s footprint as low as possible and provides meaningful employment in artisan communities abroad. Their range of modern essentials are expertly designed, perfectly cut, and never go out of style. If a style sells out, they will always restock it to ensure that you can always wear your favorite pieces.


The basque brand Loidi is based in Barcelona and draws her inspiration from uniforms and workwear. She reinterprets them to create quite the opposite of their original use: fashionable clothing for strong individuals. This leads to statement pieces in flashy colors, loose fits and androgynous nuances which are designed and handmade, locally in Spain, respecting our environment and people. All Loidi items are limited in their edition, so be quick!


You better look good when the weather doesn’t: the ethical and sustainable rainwear brand from Amsterdam keeps you fashionably dry. Maium’s raincoats have practical side zippers that turn them into ponchos so that bikers will be saddle fast on rainy days. Choose between the two minimalist styles Original or Parka for women and men. We love their color palette that ranges from navy blue, army green and black to bright orange, soft pink, fluo yellow and many more. Maium rainwear is made under safe and healthy working conditions using recycled plastic bottles, without any harmful substances.


manaliso womenswear

Where the city meets the sea is where you will find Manaliso. Their range of urban apparel is designed to be gentle on the environment while keeping up with your active lifestyle. Perfect for the surfer, skater, and urban dweller alike, Manaliso gives you the comfort to take on whatever the day has in store for you. Manufacturing takes place in Europe at their ethical production partners and their sustainable styles maintain their aesthetic without sacrificing the environment or their workers. Their styles evoke memories of past travels and inspire the wearer to take on new adventures. They choose their materials and processes carefully to ensure the beautiful planet we love to explore continues to live on.




“My grandmothers kept telling me that it never shows how long something takes to make, only how well it is made.” Growing up in a textile family, founder of MASKA (which means “knitted stitch” in Swedish), Maria Svensson followed in her grandmothers’ footsteps who ran a sewing mill in Sweden. She now designs relevant, quality garments that are produced in a sustainable way. Passionate about the idea of taking the best parts from the world of hand-knitting, her first collection included a range of cardigans. MASKA’s beautiful designs now include knits, jersey and woven.


MATTER effortlessly combines tradition with contemporary, modern design. They source heritage fabrics and prints along with their artisans and work with them to create stunning womenswear and accessories. The patterns and prints they have developed with their generational artisans help to connect their customers back to those who made the piece they are wearing. All pieces are designed to be seasonless to ensure they stay far away from the world of fast fashion. Each style is designed with intention and at the highest quality to ensure MATTER’s pieces can live on in your closet for many years to come.



Mayamiko is a women’s wear and life style brand, producing clothes, accessories and homeware, lovingly made in Malawi. Mayamiko’s collections are cross-seasonal and are inspired by artisanal traditions, with ethical trading and sustainability at the core. Alongside statement African textiles, Mayamiko took its commitment to sustainable materials forwards by introducing GOTS certified organic cotton pieces and upcycled textiles. Mayamiko also collaborates with artisans all over the globe such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Kenya and Italy on bespoke collections. Mayamiko’s profits are re-invested in the community through the work of the Mayamiko Trust, a charity that provides knowledge and skills disadvantaged women need to grow their own businesses and improve their communities.


Nope, Mayd in Chyna is not made in China. The family-run high-end slow fashion brand ironically redefines the meaning of “made in China” by creating a vegan luxury line that is 100% sustainably and ethically sourced and manufactured in the USA. Mayd in Chyna uses organic certified Pima cotton which is famous for its soft and silky touch and high quality, as well as OICA, certified organic coloured cotton grown and harvested in Arizona & Texas. All pieces are environmentally and socially responsible manufactured. The outcome are timeless and forever stylish pieces in neutral colours that you can effortlessly wear from season to season and from one occasion to another.



Heidi Koselowski’s claim to her fashion line is forward-looking and at the same time flexible in the creative concept. Her clear handwriting runs like a thread through the collections and makes the individual pieces seasonally and sustainably combinable. The result is uncomplicated and pure fashion, which stands out for its simplicity. MIOMARTHA produces ecologically and fairly in factories in Germany. Made of woven fabrics in Europe, every single piece of clothing is created in high quality craftsmanship.


Founded in 2017, the Kimono eco fashion label combines far eastern elegance with traditional craftsmanship. The garments are made of ecologically sustainable fabrics such as tencel, linen, and recycled high quality residuals. The visual highlight of a kimono is the accompanying, individually chosen belt which makes each kimono blouse, kimono jacket, kimono trench or kimono dress a unique piece of art. Oh and kimonos are much more than just a fashion trend: they are timeless garments that trace their roots to the Muromachi age (1392–1573 AD) in Japan.


Näz is a Portuguese brand that marries minimalist design with transparency and love for our planet. Knowing the challenges of producing new clothes without leaving an environmental impact, the sustainable brand tries to find a balance by both obtaining and producing their clothes locally. Näz uses eco-friendly, sometimes recycled materials that are turned into simple basics in their social factories in Portugal. With the aim of narrowing the relationship between consumer and producer, they are happy to show their entire transparent production process.


Make a difference in the world and look amazing while doing so: Ninêh is a women’s slow fashion brand that promotes ethical practices to connect the consumer to the maker. Her luxurious, timeless and contemporary pieces are artfully crafted and will make you look beautiful on any occasion, all year around. Ninêh works with a non-profit manufacturer called Saheli Women, located in the rural village of Bhikamkor, Rajasthan, India. 20 incredibly talented women work there under the best conditions. The parent organization called IPHD sponsors the education of their children, runs a female health clinic in their village and delivers workshops on human rights, feminism, and menstrual hygiene. So far, Ninêh uses the following fabrics: chromium-free leather, cupro, and 100% silk.


Noumenon is a PETA-approved and sustainable fashion brand from Amsterdam that offers Dutch-urban-inspired, slightly oversized styles with a Scandinavian look, using cruelty-free fabrics such as organic cotton (GOTS), Tencel (Lenzing) or linen. They also reuse unwanted deadstock fabrics. Each Noumenon piece is ethically produced in Europe and comes in a recycled packaging. #ChangeTheGame! From vintage couch to vintage coat: Noumenon also turns surplus furniture fabric into unique jackets. As the fabric of one couch only makes a certain amount of jackets, each jacket is one of a kind – proving that a vintage sofa can look pretty damn good on you.


For Mary loving the ocean means to protect it. Mary grew up near the coast and couldn’t imagine a life without floating happily across the beach. Having worked in the fashion industry, Mary has seen how much water and fabric is wasted to produce our clothes and how much of this waste ends up in our oceans. Sparked by making a difference and inspired by her Mom who would always wear beautiful caftans in Hawaii, Mary founded ocean+main. She provides eco-friendly caftans and tunics by using upcycled fabrics and zero water in the production. To reduce plastic, she uses recycled packaging only. Made in Los Angeles by local artisans.


pacha for earth

The idea for Pacha For Earth was born during a trip to Guatemala where the founder, Pacha, fell in love with the country’s nature, the Lake Atitlan and the traditions and artistic heritage of the local communities. Years later, Pacha learned the oldest weaving and natural dyeing techniques from local artists and craftspeople. To protect planet earth and sustainable practices of indigenous cultures, she has aimed to empower Guatemalan and Salvadoran weavers and artisans to preserve and promote their ancestral Mayan techniques by producing simple, eco-friendly, high quality designs according to fair trade standards.


Brooklyn NYC-based Palabra is a group of creatives that have built their brand on a strong foundation of sustainable materials and ethical sourcing. All of their products are made from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, or recycled PET. Their minimal apparel and accessories all sport multi-lingual phrases that spark conversation about global issues. They are working hard to support local communities and help build literacy programs, all while keeping their ecological footprint as small as possible. Every time you buy an item from Palabra, they give a book to their partner program – the Chispa Project. You can shop for their items directly on their website and for shop owners: they are also available for wholesale partnerships.


Recover is a contemporary slow-fashion brand founded in 2018 in Hackney, East London. Inspired by vintage fashion, their aesthetic focuses on a minimalistic approach with simple cuts and light colors. Three principles guide the brand: respect people, source creatively, design and build for durability. They source 100% of their fabrics from high-quality leftover materials from other brands. That’s why Recover is a small-scale brand by design, to reduce waste and foster a more human-sized fashion system.


The family-run fashion label was established in Kajaani, north-east Finland in 1978 and designs and produces clothes and accessories ever since. Classic, simple shapes characterize R-Collection’s styles that are for both casual and elegant events. The majority of pieces are made in Estonia and Finland, some knits are made in Lithuania using natural materials such as cotton or wool. They source some fabrics from Finland but most of their high-quality fabrics come from abroad such as their silk which comes from Turkey. Its sweatshirts, pants and tricot clothes are made from a local Finnish textile. Sustainability is one of the core values and the brand guarantees that all pieces are durable and easy to maintain. Their most popular piece is (surprise) the anorak jacket.


Californian local, Andrea, started her own label after not being able to find the type of clothing she herself wanted to wear. What better way to get exactly what you want, than doing it yourself?! And so, Recreation California was born. While studying Fashion and Textile design, she discovered her love of screen printing. This kicked off a beautiful symbiosis of bold prints and contemporary silhouettes. All Recreation California pieces are made from organic cotton and hemp which have been sourced from environmentally responsible mills. All fabrics are hand screen printed with Andrea’s own designs turning each garment into a work of art.


Rotholz is a German eco-streetwear label for women and men. Originally born out of the idea to create fair and sustainable skatewear, skate culture & street art are still part of their DNA. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, Rotholz produces simple, easily combinable and timeless pieces including hoodies, knitwear, sweaters, beanies, t-shirts, pants and more. The eco-label only produces what they can sell. So while their basic line is regularly re-produced, their seasonal collections are strictly limited. All Rotholz products are made from certified sustainable high-quality materials such as organic cotton, merino wool, linen, recycled PET or Tencel. Rotholz works with local manufacturers and artists and ensures fair production.


The designer behind RŪPAHAUS has quite literally scoured rural Indonesia for the best traditional artisans the islands have to offer. She then works directly with these artisans to design, hand-weave, hand-dye, and hand-make each and every piece. Each small collection is different due to the variations in the natural dyeing techniques, and what the weather is like at the time of dying! The brand effortlessly blends traditional, cultural stripes and colours with modern, minimalist design. The final product is a high quality, eco-luxe piece of wearable Indonesian culture that can be worn for years to come. Check out their website for more of their amazing story and to shop their collections.


sat-su-ma was born on the Aegean coast of Turkey in 2013. The beautiful pieces encourage you to “reconnect with the earth”. Every piece begins in a local organic cotton field. Every step of production takes place within the Aegean region. From the fields, the cotton is then spun, woven, cut, and sewed by skilled fair-trade companies before the pieces arrive at the sat-su-ma studio. Here, each individual piece is then hand-dyed using only organic dyes such as pomegranate, cutch, and indigo. All of sat-su-ma’s clothes have been designed to be multi-functional, practical, and for any occasion. The natural colours and cuts slot easily into any existing wardrobe.


Do you love floating silk dresses? And beautiful silk scarves? Then you should definitely have a look at the luxury silk collection by Berlin-based brand skarabis that impress us with laid-back elegance. We adore the silk pieces with unique artistic prints and simple geometric shapes. For sophisticated women who want to feel beautiful, comfortable and special. No matter if during the day or at a night out, skarabis’ dresses & scarves accompany you wherever you go. And are super comfy, too. Their generous cuts look flattering on all body shapes and sizes. Working with excellent partners in Europe, skarabis guarantees superb quality and best working conditions for their talented seamstresses.


This Romanian-Danish sustainable fashion brand only came into being at the beginning of this year, 2017. Though Solve may only be a young label, it can be seen as leaps and bounds ahead in the way the pieces are conceived and designed. The brand is based on the principal of circular economy, i.e. everything comes from ecosystem and can be returned without causing any harm (or recycled). Their innovative, capsule collection is made up of three different pieces; each with the ability to transform into 10 different styles! Their modern garments can be adapted to any customers’ taste, making them extremely versatile and easily incorporated into any existing wardrobe.


The creative genius behind Souldaze Collection, Domitilla Mattei, descided she wanted to make a difference in the fashion industry. She wanted to offer limited collections of consciously created, high quality pieces and reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Souldaze Collection seamlessly combines the latest fashion trends and ideals with ethically and environmentally responsibly production methods. All fabrics are either natural, recycled, vintage, or surplus and each piece is designed and created locally by talented seamstresses. Domitilla Mattei has designed something for every occasion; from swimwear to loungewear, through to chic casual and eveningwear.


SUNAD specialises in shirts, and boy, do they do them well! Being a Spanish brand through and through, each and every shirt is designed, cut, and then sewn in Spain. SUNAD’s diverse collection of shirts celebrates Spain’s rich history in textiles while adding their own touch of contemporary design. While the inspiration of masculine tailoring still peaks through, all pieces are designed to flatter the female form. Classic, elegant cuts combined with natural fabrics and a modern colour palette ensure each piece can fit into any existing wardrobe. SUNAD’s shirts are a simple yet timeless and extremely versatile addition to any outfit.


tales of anyday

Tales of Anyday is created for women to look and feel beautiful in their everyday lives. Founder Sintija, has incorporated sustainability into the very heart of each and every one of her designs. She believes the design itself is one of the most important factors in a piece’s sustainability. Longevity of the style and the correct material selection can make or break a design. Sintija also experiments with new, and more environmentally friendly printing methods while developing her collections. The uniquely designed pieces are carefully cut to enhance the natural feminine beauty of the wearer.


Reuse, repurpose, recycle is the main sustainable goal behind the Australian brand. They use organic, cast off designer materials or repurposed fibers for their collections, creating tailored styles that last for season after season. To save water and energy, they use digital printing and eco-friendly dyes, they also work with a factory that uses 85% of sun solar renewable energy. Big win: with every item sold, Rushing Hour provides one month of education to a girl in need in West Africa. We love: Every piece features an inspirational quote from female game changers across history – It’s truly one of a kind.


thokk thokk

VFX Johow is the creative mind and founder behind ThokkThokk. His passion for extraordinary, minimalistic design made the trained carpenter, interior and graphic designer create unique clothing lines. ThokkThokk’s combines good design with ecological consciousness: the clothes are fairly made in India, where the organic cotton they use is grown. The printing of most shirts is made by themselves in Munich and by sustainable print shops in Germany. For spring/summer 2018 the label launched its very first “ThokkThokk extended” collection, including a variety of new cuts and fabrics.


A requirement for the founder of Under The Cloth, Jannine, was to manufacture her slow exquisitely made sleepwear within the UK. With a London based manufacturer, she is now part of the growing movement of designers who proudly produce in Britain. Under The Cloth knows exactly who made your clothes and you can be sure you are purchasing fairly made fashion. Jannine sources high quality organic and surplus fabrics and creates timeless, beautifully minimal pyjamas, nightdresses, and robes, which blur the lines between day and night and can take you effortlessly from lounge to brunch or to the beach.


Vegan Resort Wear is a curated collection of breathable, natural fiber clothes and accessories for open-minded women who travel the world. The brand combines vegan lifestyle, conscious fashion, and love for traveling. Each piece is responsibly made in the US, using botanical linen fibers, leaving almost no waste in their production. We love their mix and match travel capsule collection which perfectly prepares us for our next trips. We like that their timeless styles come in biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials.


“Great things are done where men and mountains meet”: Where Mountains Meet is an eco-conscious womenswear label founded by two women designers, who wish to combine aesthetics, their love of nature, and the desire to cultivate community. Their collection boasts tops with signature silhouettes, bottoms with crisp cuts, dresses in exclusive prints and super cozy knits. Inspired by faraway places, WMM works with skilled artisans from India and South America to make their handcrafted pieces. The brand collaborates with artists to develop their prints. All fabrics are gentle on the environment by either being organic, natural or free of harmful chemicals. Made in New York City.


One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress: the ready-to-wear brand ZANNI believes in wear-anywhere-whenever black dresses for busy women. By combining the aesthetics of a classic basic with the comfort of a workout apparel, ZANNI reinvented the perfect LBD. All dresses are designed and produced in Los Angeles, using Italian-made technical performance fabrics (super easy to take care of!). You will not want to take them off again. The good news: these dresses will be a part of your closet for many years, keeping your wallet full and landfills empty.


Quality, sustainability, ethics, and affordability are at the forefront of Zola Amour’s design principles. Perhaps this sounds like a lot, but Zola Amour has managed to cover them all! Each piece effortlessly slots into your capsule wardrobe and designed to stand the test of time. Zola Amour only uses high-quality, certified organic materials such as GOTS cotton and OEKO-TEX bamboo. The chic, minimalistic colours and cuts ensure that Zola Amour’s pieces suit all generations of eco-luxury lovers and can be worn for many seasons to come. The entire collection is handmade ethically and fairly in their hometown of Brighton, UK which keeps carbon emissions to a minimum.