Ethical Womenswear Brands



If minimal, contemporary clothing is your thing, then August is for you. Founded by an Estonian designer Äli Kargoja, the brand is founded on providing well-made, environmentally friendly fashion to the conscious woman. Each of their pieces is carefully designed and mindfully manufactured to form modern, elegant silhouettes with clean lines and expressive shapes. They source only the best GOTS certified natural materials for the highest quality garments that don’t cost the earth. Their small-scale production benefits both the workers and the environment, and allows Äli to oversee all parts of production and ensure the highest quality end product.



Danish zero waste label Better World Fashion is helping to rethink the way we “own” clothing. What if we didn’t have to buy it anymore? Better World Fashion is allowing you to “Lease a leather Jacket” instead of buying it. Or if you do decide to keep it, there is an unlimited buy-back agreement in place. This is because Better World Fashion exclusively uses repurposed leather for their jackets which is collected by NGO partners in Denmark. When you send a jacket back, they can reuse it! The Better World Fashion sustainable model prolongs the life of materials reducing the environmental footprint (and yours!). The responsible production takes place in Poland. The lining is made from recycled polyester, the zippers and buttons are re-melted, recycled and premium YKK hardware. We love their philosophy!


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Classical European, gamine, and perfectly clean-tailored silhouettes in tones like white, beige, and navy meet traditional West-African details and dessins in beautiful bright colors like yellow, blue, or red. The designers German and Nigerian roots enable her to understand both cultures and allow her to reflect them into her unique designs which create a new consciousness for fashion and materials from both cultures. Her knowledge for African handicraft and techniques are visible implemented in her pieces. Buki only uses high quality, eco-friendly materials like organic and certified cotton, organic hemp-silk, and individual African wax prints. The small-scale collection is fully handcrafted in her studio and a small manufacture in Berlin.


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BYEM is a Scandinavian Slow Fashion label and is comprised of all the clean, modern designs synonymous with “Scandinavian design”. Their beautifully tailored garments are designed for the “modern woman” – someone who is conscious of her “impact” on the world, but still wants to step out in style. BYEM seamlessly combines ethics with clean cut, modern pieces. Sign up to their launch letter to keep updated on the launch of their line of sustainably tailored, timeless garments.


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By Signe’s entire design and production process happens under one roof in Denmark. This ensures transparency and control over all of the processes and guarantees the best of ethics and a fair, non-discriminatory environment. The brand endeavours to only use fabrics that are certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Just in case you don’t know, GOTS defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well. By Signe tries to keep all of their fabrics unbleached. Their colour palette is neutral across the range. Pieces can be mixed and matched and incorporated into your existing wardrobe with ease.



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LA based Echo & Air creates their modern, thoughtfully designed pieces only a stones-throw from their studio. (Well, you need a pretty strong-arm, but it’s only a few miles). They strive to use the most advanced eco-friendly techniques and materials possible and support the local economy but ethically producing so close to their studio. They reduce their carbon footprint where ever possible; from the sourcing of their materials, the printing and processing, all the way through to transportation. The designers play with shapes and textures to create pieces that last longer than the seasons, and can integrate easily into their customers’ closets.



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At Feelwear, they believe merino wool isn’t just for thermals or outdoor active-wear; they firmly believe it should hold a place in our daily wardrobe staples. Merino has so many amazing qualities, and it is often underutilised to its full capacity. It is one of the softest, yet most elastic natural fibres in the world which makes it not only comfortable, but versatile as well. Merino doesn’t just keep you warm in winter, but it can also keep you cool in summer and requires far less washing that many other materials. Feelwear has created a range of merino pieces for the “urban professional” all of which have their own touch of minimalist-chic.



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Nope, no typo there. A krama is a traditional Cambodian silk or cotton scarf which is woven in a pattern that create thousands of tiny squares. Good Krama partners with Cambodian artisans to create unique apparel that seamlessly blends traditional techniques with modern design. They use both handwoven silk and cotton fabrics as well as salvaged fabric from local factories. Transparency is vital within Good Krama, and they introduce all of their design and sewing team on their website. They are also very conscious of their environmental impact and have created life cycle assessments of each piece. You can track your environmental impact AND see who made your clothes!


Gritt & Borris is the brainchild of power couple Gritt Mortensen and Mikkel Borris. Together, they decided to make a difference in the world of fashion. Minimising their footprint on the environment was one of the key principles behind founding Gitt & Borris. They focus on a sustainable value chain and making high-quality pieces that last more than a single season. Materials are sourced from certified factories and small villages alike, wherever they can find the quality and aesthetic they are searching for. Gritt & Borris only release one or two timeless collections per year, each with a maximum of 15 styles. Their clean forms and minimalist cuts easily combine with the rest of your wardrobe.



Honest By is a pioneer in the fashion industry – they are the first company in the world to be 100% transparent. They share the entire material and production cost breakdown with their customers. Under each product on their webshop, you can see the price calculation as well as the time it took to create. It includes prices for everything from the amount of fabric and thread used, labels and tags, to patterning and manufacturing. Furthermore, they also include the mark-up and reason why. This transparency ensures you know exactly what you are buying and the story behind it. Honest By are the leaders in helping customers make informed decisions.



j.jackman was created for women who want to make a difference. Their mission is to give these women the possibility to make a change, also in the fashion industry. They do this by offering sophisticated, timeless pieces made in Germany, working directly with seamstresses to ensure that the people who make their clothes are treated fairly. j.jackman’s modern silhouettes can be worn from the office, to a cafe on the weekend, and also on date-night. For their collections, only European-sourced fabrics are used, including organic cotton, silk, and viscose. j.jackman has also recently incorporated waste reduction into their designs by using off-cuts for their accessories.



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KEMP GADEGÅRD is a Berlin-based studio that creates sustainable, season-less, womenswear. The team works hard to educate others to the fact that fashion does not need to be viewed as “disposable”; and they do this by leading by example. Their garments are designed slowly, and with intention and then ethically handcrafted in Spain from high quality, natural and organic materials. Aesthetics and comfort are key components in the conceptualization of a piece and they are designed to be worn numerous ways to encourage us to wear the same item multiple times. This helps to dispel the myth that we can only wear that item once before we need to buy something new and “on trend”.


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KOKOworld was born from a love of travel to all corners of the globe. The label works to bring the traditional designs and techniques of far off Developing Countries closer to home, and preserving them in modern fashion. Fair Trade principles and practices are the basis for KOKOworld’s designs. Transparency, honesty, and respect ensure that we – their customers – receive the best quality and craftsmanship available. Their fabrics and materials come from all over the world from artisans they have built relationships with and empowered to continue their craft under fair conditions.



Les Sublimes is empowering shoppers to make fashion-forward yet sustainable shopping choices. Each style is designed in their Paris-based studio using luxurious, environmentally-friendly fabrics. Many styles are even produced in their home country of France. Whenthey do source a fabulous material from abroad, they ethically produce there where that material has originated. This keeps the style’sfootprint as low as possible and provides meaningful employment in artisan communities abroad. Their range of modern essentials are expertly designed, perfectly cut, and never go out of style. If a style sells out, they will always restock it to ensure that you can always wear your favourite pieces.



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MATTER effortlessly combines tradition with contemporary, modern design. They source heritage fabrics and prints along with their artisans and work with them to create stunning womenswear and accessories. The patterns and prints they have developed with their generational artisans help to connect their customers back to those who made the piece they are wearing. All pieces are designed to be seasonless to ensure they stay far away from the world of fast fashion. Each style is designed with intention and at the highest quality to ensure MATTER’s pieces can live on in your closet for many years to come.



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Brooklyn NYC-based Palabra is a group of creatives that have built their brand on a strong foundation of sustainable materials and ethical sourcing. All of their products are made from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, or recycled PET. Their minimal apparel and accessories all sport multi-lingual phrases that spark conversation about global issues. They are working hard to support local communities and help build literacy programs, all while keeping their ecological footprint as small as possible. Every time you buy an item from Palabra, they give a book to their partner program – the Chispa Project. You can shop for their items directly on their website and for shop owners: they are also available for wholesale partnerships.



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The designer behind RŪPAHAUS has quite literally scoured rural Indonesia for the best traditional artisans the islands have to offer. She then works directly with these artisans to design, hand-weave, hand-dye, and hand-make each and every piece. Each small collection is different due to the variations in the natural dying techniques, and what the weather is like at the time of dying! The brand effortlessly blends traditional, cultural stripes and colours with modern, minimalist design. The final product is a high quality, eco-luxe piece of wearable Indonesian culture that can be worn for years to come. Check out their website for more of their amazing story and to shop their collections.


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Californian local, Andrea, started her own label after not being able to find the type of clothing she herself wanted to wear. What better way to get exactly what you want, than doing it yourself?! And so, Recreation California was born. While studying Fashion and Textile design, she discovered her love of screen printing. This kicked off a beautiful symbiosis of bold prints and contemporary silhouettes. All Recreation California pieces are made from organic cotton and hemp which have been sourced from environmentally responsible mills. All fabrics are hand screen printed with Andrea’s own designs turning each garment into a work of art.



sat-su-ma was born on the Aegean coast of Turkey in 2013. The beautiful pieces encourage you to “reconnect with the earth”. Every piece begins in a local organic cotton field. Every step of production takes place within the Aegean region. From the fields, the cotton is then spun, woven, cut, and sewed by skilled fair-trade companies before the pieces arrive at the sat-su-ma studio. Here, each individual piece is then hand-dyed using only organic dyes such as pomegranate, cutch, and indigo. All of sat-su-ma’s clothes have been designed to be multi-functional, practical, and for any occasion. The natural colours and cuts slot easily into any existing wardrobe.


This Romanian-Danish sustainable fashion brand only came into being at the beginning of this year, 2017. Though Solve may only be a young label, it can be seen as leaps and bounds ahead in the way the pieces are conceived and designed. The brand is based on the principal of circular economy, i.e. everything comes from ecosystem and can be returned without causing any harm (or recycled). Their innovative, capsule collection is made up of three different pieces; each with the ability to transform into 10 different styles! Their modern garments can be adapted to any customers’ taste, making them extremely versatile and easily incorporated into any existing wardrobe.


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The creative genius behind Souldaze Collection, Domitilla Mattei, descided she wanted to make a difference in the fashion industry. She wanted to offer limited collections of consciously created, high quality pieces and reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Souldaze Collection seamlessly combines the latest fashion trends and ideals with ethically and environmentally responsibly production methods. All fabrics are either natural, recycled, vintage, or surplus and each piece is designed and created locally by talented seamstresses. Domitilla Mattei has designed something for every occasion; from swimwear to loungewear, through to chic casual and eveningwear.


SUNAD specialises in shirts, and boy, do they do them well! Being a Spanish brand through and through, each and every shirt is designed, cut, and then sewn in Spain. SUNAD’s diverse collection of shirts celebrates Spain’s rich history in textiles while adding their own touch of contemporary design. While the inspiration of masculine tailoring still peaks through, all pieces are designed to flatter the female form. Classic, elegant cuts combined with natural fabrics and a modern colour palette ensure each piece can fit into any existing wardrobe. SUNAD’s shirts are a simple yet timeless and extremely versatile addition to any outfit.


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Quality, sustainability, ethics, and affordability are at the forefront of Zola Amour’s design principles. Perhaps this sounds like a lot, but Zola Amour has managed to cover them all! Each piece effortlessly slots into your capsule wardrobe and designed to stand the test of time. Zola Amour only uses high-quality, certified organic materials such as GOTS cotton and OEKO-TEX bamboo. The chic, minimalistic colours and cuts ensure that Zola Amour’s pieces suit all generations of eco-luxury lovers and can be worn for many seasons to come. The entire collection is handmade ethically and fairly in their hometown of Brighton, UK which keeps carbon emissions to a minimum.