Ethical Travel Brands



Green Pearls is an international platform and communications agency founded in Germany which is focused on sustainable and unique destinations all over the world. Green Pearls provides transparent information about each hotel such as eco initiatives, hotel and room amenities, and use of local produce and products. Each hotel and resort must fulfil a range of strict criteria in order to be listen on their website. On their website, you can easily search for your desired experience via a list or maps. You can even filter by destination, country, or hotel type through their dozens of unique properties.



Mañana was created out of a desire to travel and a love of nature. The online directory lists hundreds of eco-friendly hotels all over world. Mañana carefully selects green and fair hotels who also support the local communities. Each hotel must meet or exceed their strict list of criteria before being listed within the Mañana directory. They list options to suit both those who are budget consious as well as those who want to splash out on something a little more luxe. You can search by a specific destination or if you’re up for anywhere, just choose the type of experience you’re looking for. Mañana has options for the adventurers all the way through to those just wanting to chill out at a spa.