Ethical Shoe Brands


The good people at Capsule are working to bring back “the art of the handmade”. Traditionally, everything was handmade, before machines and automation was even a twinkle in their inventor’s eye. Over time, these artisan skills are slowly lost. Capsule is rediscovering them and reviving them in a big way. They have sourced skilled artisans from across Africa and Europe to create beautiful, unique pieces that bring life back to these old traditions. Their work helps these artisans make a meaningful living with their craft while bringing awareness to the plight of some of these lost arts. These ethically created, handcrafted pieces are gentle on those who make them, as well as the planet.


Slow production, slow consumption, NYC-based shoe brand Coclico slows down the environmental impact: Coclico designs are timeless, meant to look beautiful season after season. Founder Sandra Canselier comes from a long line of French shoemakers and continues the tradition with Coclico, overseeing the brands handcrafted production in Spain. The modern, clean architectural silhouettes are designed at their headquarters in NYC. Coclico works with natural materials such as wood, cork and natural-tanned leather, seeking the highest standards of environmental responsibility.



Each and every pair of FEIT is crafted by experienced hands, not by machines. By creating their products by hand using natural materials, they are creating the best product possible. Machines would never pick up a subtle change in the grain of the vegetable-tanned leather being used. Whereas an experienced human eye would. By using humans rather than machines, FEIT can adapt to the materials, not the other way around and use them in the most sustainable way. Fewer machines also mean fewer emissions and ultimately a much smaller impact on the environment. FEIT shoes are constructed of 100% natural materials so they are gentle on your skin, and gentle on the environment.


One can tell that founder Marita Setas is an artist. Her distinctive, geometric and contemporary shoe and bag designs already impressed at the NYFW. They impress the environment, too: the Portuguese fashion brand only works with sustainable materials such as wool, leather, cotton, silk or cork, using ecological practices. They have a close relationship with certified artisans who handcraft their unique pieces in a small family factory in Portugal. Their Miramar Line is 100% vegan. All products from Marita Moreno Limited are limited to a series of a maximum of 100 pieces. You will definitely have all eyes on you when wearing them!


Organic, vegan and bonito: Maria and her four-legged friends Ringo founded the vegan footwear label out of love for nature, animals, and people. Slowers offers cork wedge sandals, espadrilles and many more shoes for women and men. They produce ethically and don’t use any animal materials, hence all Slowers products are 100% leather-free. Instead, they use GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen, hemp, natural cork and other natural materials. Ringo is one of Maria’s greatest inspirations. He taught her many things such as walking at a slower pace and believing in her heart and intuition.



Worldwide more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. More and more fish, seabirds, sea turtles and other marine mammals have been found with plastic in or around their bodies. And if we don’t change our lifestyle, the ocean will have more plastic than fish by 2050. Together with Zouri you can make a change, step by step: the eco-vegan footwear brand uses plastic waste they collect from the ocean to make their sandals. With each pair, Zouri upcycles about 6 plastic water bottles. We are all in the same boat, so help make our oceans plastic free. For a better future.