Ethical Kidswear Brands


We all know that children’s skin is one of the softest things out there, and Bebe Organic is working to keep it that way. The founder of the brand, Birgit Kadak, sources the very best natural, organic materials that are gentle on your little one’s delicate skin. Her designs are classically playful while still leaving room for your kids to run and explore. High quality natural materials ensure durability while remaining sustainable (and cute!). Bebe Organic wants our children to grow up and still be able to experience the natural wonders of the world. Therefore, they stay well away from the world of fast fashion.


Gray Label creates a little bit of everything for those with little ones in tow. Children are at the core of the brand and inform everything they design. The majority of their products are soft, minimalist, organic children’s wear for kids aged zero to ten. But they also offer other items to fill your home with minimal whimsy including organic bed linen, teddies, and tipi tents. Each item of clothing in their collection is made from soft 100% GOTS certified organic cotton to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Gray Label has created a small haven of minimalist joy in a world saturated with gaudy, synthetic plush animals.


Little Boomerang’s beautiful, sustainable concept is one we haven’t seen here before at MOHCNI! They are on the forefront of making change happen. It’s no longer just an inspiring conversation to them, but a real action. Too many clothes are just disposed of in the world. So, they provide you with an option to send in shirts that have outlived their usefulness, and use them to create something new for your children. They believe every short has a story, and by giving it a new life, this story can continue. Don’t worry, they don’t just look like a giant old shirt on a tiny child. They have breathed new life into the fabric with they’re unique designs.


Milkbarn the physical manifestation of a beautiful story of a mother and daughter working together. Mother, Stacy, began sewing things for her own little one before turning Milkbarn into the thriving collection it is today. Her daughter, Haley, creates the playful artwork that is incorporated into each design. Together they have a large collection of all manner of children’s wear and accessories from natural and organic materials. The designs are clean and modern and spark imagination yet echo back to days already past. You’ll see quirky animals, and vintage florals dance across your little one’s backs.


Superhero Collective have created a unique marketplace where you can shop for sustainable items for your little ones. The marketplace is an online platform for innovative mothers who love to create and inspire others. Superhero Collective empowers mums to express their creative talents and share them with other parents all over the world. They respect the planet and each other by bucking the fast fashion trends and sharing their crafts with each other. You can shop for clothing for boys and girls along with bedding and décor, and incredibly cute teddies and other plush toys.