Ethical Interior Brands


HABE Design is a young and passionate company that creates furniture and home accessories. Founder Hanjo Bergeest works with regional experts from a variety of other disciplines to design long-lasting, sustainably produced modern furniture. He draws his inspiration for new forms, colours, and materials from nature. The majority of his pieces are solid timber combined with other natural materials for a superior, eco-luxe finish. The designs celebrate the natural materials used and create a connection between their users and the environment. Hanjo also offers a “custom-made” service for both businesses and private customers. He works with you to design exactly what you need, and then expertly crafts it in his own studio.


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Each J’Jute basket is carefully designed in Australia and handcrafted in India by local artisans. Since each piece is handmade with natural jute fibre, every individual item has its own unique features and characteristics. We love how each basket will have its own natural quirks. For something a little more edgy, go for one of the Onyx dyed (black) baskets. Onyx dye is all natural and free from harmful heavy chemicals and AZO.


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Kalani can make your Instagram-worthy hygge dreams come to life while still staying true to your conscious mindset. A passion for transforming the textile industry motivated Kalani founder Bruno Van Steenberghe to dedicate himself to learning about every aspect involved in the production of textiles and, simultaneously, how to build a brand that is committed to ethics and transparency. On Kalani’s website you will find a full breakdown of product costs so you can feel comfortable knowing you are supporting an ethical production model. Kalani uses only 100% organic and Fair trade cotton to ensure the healthiest product and conditions for both consumers and employees alike.


Quality, transparency, and affordability form the foundation for all of URBANARA’s stunning homewares and textiles. URBANARA works with producers all over the world to make a wide range of soft-furnishing, lighting, and décor for every room of the home; to suit any taste. Their mindfully manufactured, high-quality products are made to last the test of time, and made to do no harm in the process. They work with traditional artisans as well as with those crafting with more modern techniques, but ensure environmentally conscious production every time. URBANARA sources only the best natural materials that are safe for your home and your skin.