Ethical Online Retailers


Looking for a complete outfit? Or maybe even just a couple of statement pieces to pair with your basics? Then look no further than This online boutique has something to suit anyone, whatever their taste; and you can shop without guilt as you know your “purchase has a purpose”. Pieces available on Accompany are sourced from all over the world from carefully selected sources that produce garments, shoes, and accessories that are uniquely handcrafted, made under fair trade practices, or partnered with humanitarian or philanthropic projects. Your purchase makes an impact, and you can rest assured it’s a positive one!


allTRUEist is a luxury online boutique based in Montréal, Canada which only stocks high end brands that are doing their part to reduce the fashion industry’s – and their – impact on the natural environment. Each brand is carefully selected based on their adherence to allTRUEist’s ethical values. These include providing safe work environments and paying fair wages, along with caring for their environmental impact and sustainability. In their online shop you can shop by category, brand or ethos and they stock a wide range of accessories, skincare, and shoes. With the help of allTRUEist, you can shop consciously and ethically luxury products while staying fashion forward.


At Almasanta, you can shop for absolutely anything and now worlwide! From casual wear to evening gowns, activewear and shoes, and through to intimates, shoes, and accessories. While shopping, you can see what the sustainable practices behind each garment, e.g. organic, handmade, social project integration, or recycled. This is the type transparency we like to see when we’re shopping: easily seen and understood! Almasanta’s website is also very informative and contains a glossary of industry terms to help you understand exactly what you’re shopping for.


Buy less but better because you are what you wear – this is the philosophy of the Barcelona-based ethical & sustainable fashion e-commerce website Comovita. All featured fashion brands have a positive impact in the world. Which means that you will only find brands that offer sustainable and or recycled materials and only work with fair factories in both developed and developing countries. Among the designers are Armedangels, Komodo or Veja. Free shipping throughout Europe on all orders over 60€.


faire shop

As an alternative to other online marketplaces, Faire.Shop exclusively offers ethically sourced products from all around the world. It is a place where ethical brands and conscious shoppers meet to make a change. Faire does not only stand for fair trade but also means “to make” or “to do” in French. Aspiring a world without poverty, Faire.Shop raises awareness of global issues, humanity and origins. Faire.Shop dedicates 20% of their revenue to supporting current sellers, and to fostering entrepreneurship in developing regions. From fair fashion to ethical beauty products, electronics and more – you will find everything your heart could possibly desire.


FAUBOURG, pronounced “fo-boor”, is an online shop with a stunning range of responsibly made pieces curated for the conscious fashion lover. The Paris-born founder and her team handpick pieces from top international designers who can answer the all-important question: #whomademyclothes? The edit has a chic, fashion-forward yet timeless vibe. You can shop by category, brand or ethos (e.g., eco-friendly, handmade, organic, fair trade etc.). FAUBOURG sources high quality, versatile pieces that are wearable season after season and transition from day to night. We love their fairly made and planet friendly fashion that really brings aesthetic excitement to sustainability.


In the Know are very careful about the fashion they stock in their beautifully curated online store. They only work with designers that ensure that their workers and artisans receive fair wages and work under happy and healthy conditions. The majority of the clothing available at In the Know has been created using natural fibres such as organic cotton or recycled materials, and has been researched extensively to confirm their sustainability and eco-friendliness. In the Know knows (haha!) what it means to shop consciously and how fashion contributes to our environmental impact, and so they are there to help us choose to live a more sustainable – yet still stylish – life.


Just Fashion believes the world is ready for something different, something not seen in the world of fast or sustainable fashion. They believe fashion still needs to be relevant to the contemporary “trends” of the season, while still being expertly crafted by someone with the creativity to take the “trend” and build on it. Seasonality is good, but the pace at which collections are pushed, out and the quality and vision behind them need to change. Less quantity, local and slower production, updated education, and idea sharing all come into a new vision for fashion. Just Fashion is a leader in this new way forward in fashion. If you have some spare time (even if you don’t!), we encourage you to watch their short video on Lee Edelkoort’s vision of the future of fashion.


MAISON DE MODE is a stunning online boutique providing access to unique eco-luxe clothing, accessories, and homeware. All of which are ethically produced of course! They place a great emphasis on providing a luxurious experience to their customers so you can find the perfect, conscious piece. While browsing online, you can see a symbol denoting important features of the item such as made in the USA, fair trade, cruelty free, recycled, or organic, just to name a few. MAISON DE MODE has you covered from your head to your toes, and all the way to your coffee table.


mamoq is not just an interesting brand name, it is their whole philosophy. m – meaning; a – accountability; m – material; o – opportunity; q – quality. Each time you shop for a new piece for your wardrobe, they encourage you to think of these five simple words. And they have strived to curate collections that tick every letter. mamoq want to make consumption mindful and give you options to shop for brands that are handmade, eco-conscious, organic, vegan, artisan, upcycled, or any combination of all of these. They have a wide range of womenswear, menswear, and accessories available sourced from all over the world.


MANGOLDS began as an organic restaurant and a place for those who are looking to live more consciously to meet and enjoy a small mindful hideaway. From these humble beginnings, MANGOLDS has become one of the go-to destinations for natural cosmetics and skincare, healthy food, and yoga apparel and accessories. When shopping with MANGOLDS, you can be sure you’re shopping for products free from nasties such as parabens, artificial fragrances, mineral oil, and negative vibes. What you will find are products such as organic skincare, organic apple cidre vinegar, zero waste accessories, and colourful yoga mats.


After having worked in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, Kate Auguste seeks to change the way people think about their clothes. This is why she created mi apparel, a platform that features ethical, sustainable and transparent products only. Only for you. From apparel to beauty products and accessories of all kinds: if you are looking for something special that is good for you, the environment and its people, you are damn right at mi apparel. A lot more world- and life-changing brands are to be featured soon!


“My Made in Box” is a new subscription box brand from London, which brings a box full of authentic, ethically- and locally made goods from craftsmen and women right to your doorstep, every 2 months. The creators behind the products are independent craftsmen and women from around the world and each product reflects their personal art within their culture. We like the idea that My Made in Box delivers different stories and products from around the world and you can support different makers with only 1 box. It is so much fun to discover new small ethical brands and designers through these exciting My Made in Boxes.


Nois’s humble beginnings as a vegan street-style has grown into a curated online destination for vegan fashion. They place an emphasis on stocking emerging designers while carefully selecting timeless pieces that will last through the fads. Every item is you will find in their store is free from any animal products including silk, leather or animal skins, and fur or hair. You can be confident when shopping with nois that you are purchasing truly vegan fashion. Not only will your order be compassionate to animals but also environmentally conscious due to the fact that their shipping materials are recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable!


The People’s Collective is based on three simple principles: minimalist style, aesthetic approach, and fair labour practice. By building on this solid foundation, they have curated a beautiful, simplistic, yet timeless collection from a select group of designers. Each item in the store is carefully chosen and very large, conscious step away from the fast fashion industry. The People’s Collective emphasises quality over quantity and chooses to support small batch production and high quality, fair manufacturing. They make it easy to start your own conscious capsule collection, or to build on your existing pieces of course!


Proveer is the Spanish word for provide. The Los Angeles-based ethical retail company is a platform for brands that support indigenous communities in Latin America. It was important for the two founders and sisters Kristel and Janet Gomez, that these talented people are able to showcase their work and make a living through the clothes and accessories they make. All items, including pants, dresses, bags, shoes etc. are carefully handmade by indigenous artisans and local designers who use ancient sewing techniques and/or organic materials. The small imperfections make each piece individual and special.


Founders Cora and Natasha wanted to create a platform of sustainable luxury for those who want to move away from a trend-based wardrobe and towards a more conscious closet. Rêve En Vert was launched in London in 2014 and the criteria for their designers is based on four key categories: organic, re-made, local, and fair. Their carefully curated collections respect people and the planet and it has become a stage to propel those designers working with both aesthetic and ethics equally. And with carbon neutral international shipping of course!


Supergoods focuses on providing “good stuff for good people”, i.e. they have mindfully made products for the conscious consumer. They want to prove that ecofriendly design and fair fashion aren’t one of those things you can only find hidden away and only seen but those in the know, but something that is accessible to everyone. In their two Belgium based shops and in the online store you will find a diverse range of eco + fair men and women’s clothing, accessories, jewellery, beauty, décor, water bottles, and zero waste accessories sourced from the best brands from around the world.


We love shopping at Take It Slow. They stock beautifully made modern, chic pieces which are carefully sourced for their sustainability and honest production principles. You can shop by category, brand, or material which we think is a great touch. They also provide you with some inspiration if you can’t decide what kind of look you’re going for, and provide some great info and tips on their slow blog!

THEGREENLABELS.COM is an online boutique of just that – green labels which are clean but don´t ask to compromise on style. They have created an online space that gives you easy access to responsible labels. Of course, not every brand is the same and not all of our preferences are the same. However, TGL has made it as easy as a couple of clicks to sort through their wide range of brands for the exact values you are looking for. All brands first need to fulfil fair and ethical requirements, but then you can sort by vegan, clean processes, local production, or waste reduction. All of which have their own merits. TGL gives you the transparency and information you need to make the most informed decision.


If you are on the hunt for Scandinavian inspired, minimalist fashion, which has also been made sustainably; then look no further than The Replik. Their slow fashion and sustainability philosophies informs their curation and brand selection process and drives them to help educate their customers to shop more consciously. The Replik helps you make the choices you want to about the fashion you want to wear. They are committed to being a part of the solution for a more sustainable fashion future. They ensure the pieces they stock are high-quality, durable, and made to stand the test of time.


THE SLOW MODE is an online sanctuary of carefully hand-picked fashion, home, and beauty items. A place where you can just take. it. slow. and find consciously designed pieces to suit any taste, all of which are made “slowly”. Items are sourced from responsible, artisanal producers all over the world who create uniquely, slowly, and with good intentions. You will be find natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen, raffia, seagrass, and more from brands that always hold themselves accountable, empower women, and support local traditional craftsmen. Check out their website for unique pieces from designers such as MATTER, Mochi, Hartwood House, and Dos Ombre.


The Wearness is an online-marketplace for ethical luxury supplying a shopping experience for a clear conscience in a fair and transparent way – without sacrificing style and quality. The Wearness offers a curated edit in women’s and men’s ready to wear, accessories, jewelry and beauty. The marketplace uses ten different icons to identify sustainable criteria such as „vegan“, „organic“ or „handmade“. All brands and items available are scanned and selected by the founders – all with a professional background in fashion: Julia, Jennifer, and Karolin have worked for various prestigious fashion magazines. Guya is managing-director of Vieri, a high-jewelry label that works exclusively with ethical gold.


Troo is a lovely online shop that offers carefully selected and beautifully designed, responsible fashion labels. The founders of Troo search the globe to find and work with inspiring designers whose limited pieces are handmade with love and a lot of laughs. All the beautiful creations can be shipped right to your door. They believe in a slower, more mindful, and more sustainable life and only pair up with those who share their views. You can shop for intimates by Nette Rose, bold yet timeless garments by FOUND.Collection, or modern beautifully clean cut fashion by mille collines. We here at Mochni are all about the truth and therefore couldn’t agree more with the Troo family´s motto: “Be troo. Live troo. Wear troo”.


Verse stocks some big sustainable brands that you may already know and love, but they also curates a stunning range of niche, up-and-coming sustainable brands that may not be on your radar. They have a fabulous range of very fairly priced clothing, shoes, accessories, natural beauty and more that you can shop for at your leisure on their website. Or you can shop for exclusive, limited edit pieces at their showroom located in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. At Verse, you truly can shop for sustainable fashion that doesn’t cost the earth.


The team at WE DASH LOVE were tired of accepting the “norm” of fast fashion and all of the detrimental impacts that come with it. They are working to making the world of ethically produced, environmentally conscious fashion more accessible and encouraging consumers to make more mindful purchases. WE DASH LOVE only stock brands that can answer simple questions such as: who made it? And, were they paid fairly for their work? They have worked in the Australia fashion industry for years and understand why products are priced the way they are and therefore don’t stock “cheap” items, they stock quality items.



Back in 2009, Berlin’s very first fair fashion store opened its doors and it has grown from strength to strength ever since. While still a gorgeous Berlin boutique, Wertvoll now also exists as an online shop. Wertvoll handpicks their selection of products due to the brand’s  transparency, authenticity, ethics, and sustainability. Values that are then passed onto their customers to help inform their choices. Wertvoll have had an extensive amount of experience in the fair fashion sphere and know exactly what to look for and who to work with. By shopping with Wertvoll, you know you will be getting the best of the best from the world of fair fashion and slow fashion.