Ethical Denim Brands



AndAgain creates one-of-a-kind fashion pieces from vintage, second hand, and leftover materials. Sparked by the wish of bridging the gap between most unique fashion, art and sustainability, the two founders Morgan Young and Greg Harder started AndAgain back in 2016. The contemporary designs are handmade in the USA and waste absolutely no materials and almost no water in their production. They create unique capsule collections with artists all around the world and contract sewers throughout the USA for efficient, on-demand production.



dawn denim

From fair wear to love affair: three friends with one vision founded the fair fashion label DAWN. Convinced that they can act as a role model for the industry, they believe it’s possible to create the perfect pair of jeans – without compromising design, quality or responsible production. For their Low Impact line, DAWN uses organic cotton, recycled polyester and lower water consumption in production. Transparency is one of the core values: all DAWN pieces are manufactured in their own factory in Saigon (Vietnam) where they cherish each person involved in making the jeans.



E.L.V. Denim stands for East London Vintage Denim. The brand turns old, pre-loved denim into modern jeans, jackets, and shorts. Each E.L.V. Denim piece is made of two joined vintage pieces, reworking the fabric into a new style. This is why every E.L.V. Denim creation is completely unique in its color and fit. To save water and energy, E.L.V. Denim designs and creates all items with a no waste policy in East London (made-to-measure option available!). Stylish girls like Camille Charrière, Sarah Harris or Monica Ainley already belong to the fanbase, what about you?



The name Kuyichi comes from the Peruvian God of the Rainbow – the God that brings colour and inspires positivity. The passionate Dutch denim brand’s story first began in 2000 in the cotton fields of Peru. The unresponsible ethical and sustainable practices they observed horrified them. From this, Kuyichi was born to inspire the positive change the industry needed. Organic cotton significantly reduces the impact on the environment and on those who tend the fields. Therefore it was a no-brainer to use only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton among other sustainable and recycled materials in their denimwear. Kuyichi is leading the way in material innovation and transparency. Even the Kuyichi logo reflects the positive (+) impact they are making!



The Dutch denim brand came up with an innovative circular concept called ‘Lease A Jeans’. This is how it works: become a member, lease up to 3 jeans and send them back when you’re done wearing them. MUD Jeans will then either recycle them into new wonderful pieces or make them part of their vintage collection. This way, you can save water and precious resources as well as spare our environment immense amounts of waste. MUD Jeans are vegan, fair and sustainable as well as being created without the use of harmful chemicals.



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Each pair of jeans, chinos, or shorts that is produced by SELFNATION is customised by their wearer and then handmade by expert craftsmen and women. Yep, you will have your PERFECT jeans, custom made just for you! SELFNATION walk you through the process of the different measurements they need to make the perfect pair for you, and then you can “try them on” in their virtual mirror! You can customise the style, colour, and details. All of their materials are certified as being free from toxins, and their denim is among the first to be a part of the Greenpeace Detox Commitment! They also ensure the traceability of their high quality materials, to make sure you wear something you love and that’s good for you and the planet.


simply suzette

If you are looking for ethically and sustainably produced denim, you should definitely visit the online boutique Simply Suzette. Here, guilt-free shoppers find the best selection of conscious denim, including the classics and new brands. Where do the jeans come from? Who made them and what impact did their productions have on our planetSimply Suzette will answer all these questions for you. And the best of it all: you don’t have to choose between ethics and aesthetics, because why not have it all. Socially and ethically manufactured, each product is of high quality that will last you for a long time.