Ethical Accessories Brands


above studio

Above’s handwoven accessories are traditionally made by local artisans in Thailand. Having grown up in a province near Bangkok, the founder of the brand Sommy was always taught how valuable our nature and environment are. For her collections, she uses natural materials from local areas and cherishes the weaving skills of the people in her home country. Above helps preserve Thailand’s culture and supports traditional craftsmanship so the artisans can pass it on to the next generations to come. Each unique piece sold will empower local villagers and contribute aid for them to make a living.


ackermann leder

Beate Sedlacek and Karl-Henning Hohmann design all kinds of high quality leather bags and accessories in their manufactory Ackermann Taschenmanufaktur in Lüneburg, Germany. Characterised by simple and timeless shapes and styles, their collections are not subject to any trend but emphasise your personality. Super soft and long-lasting, their good leather will develop patina which makes every piece gain in personal value over time. Since 1982 the experienced team ensures environmentally friendly production through world-leading environmental standards. The deerskin comes from Germany and Austria and is tanned “sämisch”, a centuries-old, natural tanning process, dyed by hand with natural colours. New: their olive leather, a cowhide tanned with a purely vegetable tanning agent derived from olive leaves.


alexandra svendsen

Trends come and go but Alexandra Svendsen’s designs are here to stay: Scandinavian inspired, the collections with their clean lines and pure colours have their own, timeless style. Ecologically sustainable and hand-made in Germany, each bag fits to every look and emphasises the personality of their wearer. Along with plenty of room for all your essentials, it is the perfect companion. Quality over quantity is a matter close to the designer’s heart – that’s why all her bags and purses are made with love: the purely vegetable tanned leather is soft and gives each item its own unique texture.


almara scarves

All of AL MARA’s scarves are made from sustainable, natural materials. For something that sits so close to your skin for such an extended period of time, you want to forego any and all toxic chemicals and pesticides. Due to their strict environmental standards for their fabrics, the multi-use scarves can be worn around the head, waist, or neck, and can even be used as a yoga or nursing towel. All of the exquisitely detailed boarders and tassels on AL MARA scarves are ethically sourced from Moroccan artisans. Their unique tassels are the AL MARA trademark. The scarves are then fairly produced by expert seamstresses in Germany.



Canopy creates hats from the best sustainably sourced and recycled materials, designed by the best makers in Venice, CA. The timeless black hats are super comfortable and fully customizable. You can either wear your hat as simple as it is or add one of Canopy’s patches drawn and embroidered by hand. Custom patches are available too! But be aware that once you put these hats on, you don’t want to take them off ever again! Because they are more than just stylish, practical and comfy. They are made with love and to be worn with love. For every hat you buy, a portion of the sale goes to people in need. So join the Canopy club and head towards a better future for you, the earth and the people who make them.


common textiles

The online boutique was started by three women who, besides their friendship, have one thing in common: their love for India and its traditional textile techniques. All products, ranging from homewares, accessories and travel goods, are handmade with natural fibers and dyes one piece at a time. Common Texture inspires and supports craft communities and helps them keep their unique master skills alive for generations to come. Whenever possible, they like it zero waste: e.g. their Do Good Yoga Mat is entirely made of upcycled materials. Skilled block masters make their block printed pillow cases and banana fiber weavers in South India create their unique clutches, each to find with the maker’s name when you purchase one.


On a bright and snowy day in 2010, Emilia and Erik Lindmark had the idea to be the first to launch a sustainable eyewear collection. Today, EOE is the leading sustainable eyewear brand in Scandinavia. All items are made from a thermoplastic derived from wood pulp called cellulose acetate which is completely recyclable and biodegradable. The material has been certified by ISO 14855 and is approved by Organic Waste Systems. Their organic collection frames are handmade in the Italian Alps and named after plants found in the North such as Renfana, Fjällskära or Skogsstjärna.



A few years ago, two inspiring women met in the beautiful Tuscany of Costa Brava to become the greatest inspiration of each other: The graphic and textile designer Emese and the home interior stylist Cinta founded Gouvou Fabrics back in 2015. Since then, they came up with unique designs for bags, accessories and home decor, all made from recycled hand-woven vintage linen that are over 100 years old. Together, they hand select their high quality fabrics from Eastern European markets. For their current projects, Emese and Cinta create bespoken exclusive home decor for spas and bistros including aprons, pillows, tablecloths and more.


Mother Debra and her daughter Rachel Denniston founded a Los Angeles-based sustainable, ethical & cruelty-free brand that creates hands-free premium bags to liberate women. Their products range from small classic belt bags to wallets, water bottle holders and cross body bags that go with every outfit. The family-duo sources only the most innovative, animal and earth-friendly materials which are either recycled, upcycled, deadstock or low impact. Among them are recycled polyester, recycled plastic bottles, vintage denim, cork, Pinatex, premium eco-vegan leathers and more. All pieces are made in a small family-run factory near their office in L.A. Another plus point: with every bag sold, you support organizations that empower women and protect the planet.


kmana bags

KMANA creates ethical accessories for the traveler that want to tread a little more lightly on this earth. The journey began for founders Bea and Kiko with their own personal handcrafted travel bags. The couple then began a beautiful working relationship with the Balinese-Javanese family of leather artisans so they could share their creations with the world. The timeless, unisex accessories are environmentally and socially responsible made by hand in Bali. Every element of KMANA accessories, including their vegetable tanned leather, can be traced back to its responsible source. They also incorporate handmade hardware and traditional textiles and fabrics into their pieces to help preserve traditional dying and weaving techniques.


A bag should last a lifetime, if not two lives: Munich-born Laura von Hagen believes in premium quality, timeless design, traditional craftsmanship, and sustainability. Lahara products are all ethically handcrafted in small family businesses in Italy, respecting people and the environment. Each bag and each accessory tells an individual story. Inspired by a journey along the Mediterranean coast from the south of France to Morocco, they combine playful colors and abstract shapes. Made from vegetable tanned leather from free-range cows in two of Tuscany’s most renowned and quality certified tanneries, near Florence.“Our bags are functional and well thought-out to become a faithful companion for everyday life”, says founder Laura.


laluna accessories

Well known Salvadorian designer Lula Mena works with local communities of women and at-risk youth to create a stunning range of homewares and accessories. Her brand is built on five key pillars: handmade, fair trade, eco-friendly, innovation, and women’s empowerment. These principles are meticulously designed into each and every product. By working with local artisans and introducing contemporary designs and practices into their work, Lula Mena ensures traditional handcrafting techniques are preserved. Women have a true impact on their local community, an impact that can be felt through generations. Lula has taken it upon herself to empower the women of these communities to continue to have positive impacts on their own futures as well as those of their families.


Majavia creates sustainable accessories made from premium recycled leather – in other words – leather remnants from manufactories that would normally be tossed without further use. At the moment, their product range consists of laptop and iPhone cases, cosmetic pouches, luggage tags and passport holders in various colors. You can also personalize your item with up to three initials, making them your perfect travel buddy. Majavia is based in Vienna and the simple yet stylish products are sustainably made with close attention to details and without using any artificial additives.


maravillas bags

If you think bags can’t be made by pineapples, think again: Christina Bussmann designs handcrafted bags and accessories in her studio in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. Originally, her timeless pieces were all made of vegetable-tanned leathers but she recently presents a vegan collection made of the innovative alternative to leather called Piñatex. This sustainable textile uses pineapple leaves, which are the natural by-product of existing pineapple fruit harvesting: free of petroleum, fertilizers or pesticides. Piñatex is water and tear resistant, strong, versatile, breathable, soft, light and flexible. Plus: each item is made under fair conditions and with love!


Stop by and find your favorite boho chic accessory in beautiful patterns. From jewelry, clutches, handbags, backpacks, shoppers, purses, iPad, laptop or pillow cases – all pieces are handwoven by indigenous Mayan women in Guatemala and truly unique. Using high-quality materials such as upcycled fabrics, genuine leathers, feathers and stones, each product celebrates the local traditional craftsmanship and gives back to the talented artisan women of the community.


Mashu offers vegan bags that are inspired by Art Deco and contemporary architecture. Their minimal, geometric pieces are designed in London and ethically handcrafted by local artisans in Greece. A signature of the brand is their bespoke handles produced from wooden offcuts from a furniture company in Greece. All bags are made from 100% recyclable, environmentally-friendly and animal-free materials such as recycled polyester and recycled plastic, without using any toxics. Mashu also started to use natural fibers such as Pinatex. Free international shipping to most countries!


Moccian is an ethical and sustainable accessory brand located in Los Angeles, California. It offers handmade bags in all possible shapes and sizes which are crafted with love and under fair conditions by skilled women in South America. With each piece you buy, you empower them and their communities and help preserve their culture and traditions. All bags are inspired by Latin American culture and are one of a kind. Moccian uses natural dyes and materials such as palm fibers, bora fibers and more. Worldwide shipping!



Make the world a little bit better by owning a bag. A sustainable leather bag from Moimoi. Founders Raquel and Kalle chose to work with leather because it is a durable, natural product. The leather they use comes from France and is vegetable tanned, which makes them more eco-friendly. Each bag can practically be worn by anyone; with their clean and modern lines, they are totally timeless and look good at any occasion. Moimoi believes in local craftsmanship and supporting small businesses. All their bags are designed in Helsinki produced in Spain and Finland.



Inspired by the Colombian flora and fauna and the country’s rich ethnic variety, Najash’s handmade bags have the very special aim to unite different indigenous cultures – WAYUU, EMBERI CHAMI, KAMSA and WOMEN OF SANDONA. Handcrafted by the women of the community, the shapes and designs of each piece by the WAYUU tradition represent spiritual myths and beliefs which bestow divine protection on the person who owns it. Members of the EMBERI CHAMI community weave fabric designs that are inspired by their God Karavi and are supposed to bring abundance, peace and love to the person who made and the one who uses it.


Panda Sunglasses is the original bamboo sunglasses brand, meaning they were the first to produce their sunglasses from eco-friendly bamboo. This material is one of the most sustainable and diverse natural resources on the planet. Bamboo is one of the fast renewable plants which has a small ecological footprint plus produces more oxygen than usual tree farms. Panda supports numerous initiatives such as the Gift Of Vision: for every pair sold, another pair goes to someone in need through their partnership with Optometry Giving Sight. Panda also offers bamboo watches from recycled metal, cork, and vegan leather.


pinqponq offers the most practical backpacks in different sizes, styles, and colors that are entirely made out of recycled PET bottles aka recycled polyester, a light, and resistant and PFC free material. The backpacks are all designed by a team in Cologne, Germany and then handcrafted in a social factory in Vietnam where controlled working hours, regular breaks and a canteen belong to the daily routine. pinqponq is in direct contact with the producers to follow the process and hence guarantee the best quality products. The brand is a bluesign® system partner and a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF).


Purple Palm Wellness is an online shop offering sustainable wellness products handmade in the UK by independent makers and artisans. Find practical yoga bags, yoga journals, and lavender eye pillows created by founder and yoga teacher Mary as well many different products made by artisans she collaborates with. From unique jewelry to yoga mats with artistic prints, luxury hand-poured vegetable & soy candles, beneficial teas or award-winning natural beauty brands like The Afro Hair & Skin Co. – there’s some incredible goodness for every conscious mind!


Plastic bags can be of fashionable use: Reform Studio makes their luxurious fashion and home accessories as well as the furniture from Plastex which is a new eco-friendly fabric made out of recycled & upcycled plastic bags and cotton threads. All products are produced and designed in Egypt where the brand revives the local weaving industry and gives underprivileged women new opportunities to work. Reform partners with Ikea to design their first ever African collection which will be launched next year. We are excited!


From now on, you only need one bag in your everyday working life. Sander von Rhein creates laptop bags in different sizes and styles for contemporary professionals by combining functionality, elegance, and longevity. Whether in the office, in the airport lounge, on the way to the next meeting or an after-work drink – Sander von Rhein bags accompany you everywhere, around the clock. And make you look damn good: the minimalist, clean lines in classy and retro colors are both professional and hip. Each bag is carefully handcrafted from premium calf leather in Portugal, under fair conditions. Carry all technical devices from 5″ to 15.6″ with you!


Who made your jewelry? On a trip to Indonesia, Sarah and Tobias fell in love with the country’s culture, its people, spirit and nature. It didn’t take long and the two founded Santi Santi in order to create beautiful fashion accessories for wild and caring women and at the same time give back to locals and nature. They met countless wonderful people who are now friends, production partners and suppliers. Santi Santi’s unique jewellery, hand-woven rattan bags and super sexy bikinis from crocheted cotton are of high quality so they can be by your side for a long time. Each Santi Santi piece is individually designed and handmade with love in small, family-run manufactories on Bali, Indonesia.


Silent Goods is a London-based leather goods company founded with the mission to make sustainable luxury bags without any labels and logos. Choose between a number of timeless, elegant and simple models for both men and women. Whether it is the everyday tote, the mini handbag, or the comfortable backpack, every bag comes with a permanent warranty and a repair service for life, as well as a free care and conditioning service. Silent goods uses the world’s finest eco-conscious materials such as organically farmed, vegetable tanned Swedish leather and Cradle-to-Cradle certified textiles. Trace the full supply chain and costs simply by scanning the hidden digital tag implanted into each bag. Online-only. Ships worldwide using pre-used biodegradable packaging.


The Tote Project is based on a friendship, on a shared dream. It is a shared passion for empowerment, for restoration, for freedom. They believe that there is hope for the millions of victims of human trafficking worldwide, and they want to do their part to end modern-day slavery through ethical manufacturing, raising awareness and giving back. 10% of their gross profits are donated to Two Wings to support recovering survivors pursuing their dream careers.



Up-fuse is a lifestyle brand and social enterprise based in Cairo, Egypt. The upcycling brand creates eco-friendly and socially responsible accessories. They work together with a local NGO and artisans to design unique and sustainable bags and accessories while providing meaningful employment in local communities. Up-fuse removes plastic bags from the waste stream and upcycles them into new, fashionable accessories. Rather than recycling and downgrading the plastic, the material is being improved via upcycling and turned into sustainable products. Their tote bags, backpacks, and other small accessories are all unique in their own way due to the nature of the material. Up-fuse supports local NGOs to help create stable job opportunities for refugees and women who live in underprivileged areas.