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Elda Tells Us What Makes Her Handmade Paper Artwork So Eco-Friendly

Elda Tells Us What Makes Her Handmade Paper Artwork So Eco-Friendly

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Greetings! My name is Elda González Santiago, I’m a woman, mother of a home-schooled child, artist, and designer of the eco-friendly brand Eco Factoría. I am a graduate of the Escuela De Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico with a specialization in graphic arts. I am certified as a handmade paper artisan, certified in my island by the industrial development department. I run my small family business where I am in charge of each of the production phases. With each piece I create I want to show that a good design can be created in harmony with the environment.

In 2015 I decided that I would work on a branch of art that was handmade from recycled and natural objects, so I started Eco Factoría. Where every design you make is in tune with the care and protection of the environment.

1. Recycled Materials

I currently design jewelry like earrings and household objects, such as pots and lamps. I started reusing paper for my first creations, then experimented with pieces of handmade recycled paper. For the jewelry I also use recycled Argentium silver. Recycled silver includes other components in its production that reduce toxins and it also cuts production time and energy. In my workshop it is created taking exact measures so that no excess of this material is created. Other materials I use are cotton and jute from remaining fibres which I add to the paper making process.

2. Air Dried Paper

Each of the designs I make by hand with dried paper without the use of electrical energy. The paper dries in the sun or I patiently wait for the piece of paper to dry naturally at its own time. In this way no environmental pollution is generated, but it is a slow process that requires patience. Thus each piece is individually made and patiently worked.

3. Naturally Dyed Paper

I dye the paper creations using colors from fruits, seeds or roots like curcuma. Other than that I also reuse colored papers and turn them into my new handmade papers. With this technique I create individual colors and do not need to add artificial dyes to the papers.

Each of the designs I create and each step that leads to the final development of them is designed to create the minimum environmental impact. The paper left over which I have is biodegradable and I also collect them to create new paper later on.

Elda González Santiago,
Eco Factoría

Instagram: @ecofactoria

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