MOCHNI Education

We are currently working on MOCHNI Education which is an offline community platform with local courses that will soon be coming to Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne and many other cities…

Education is the basis for changing the fashion industry. That’s why we are currently setting up two different local courses, which will take place in capitals and bigger cities in the EU, USA and Australia in modern and sustainable meeting rooms of eco hotels or similar. We love local meetings because exchanging face to face strengthens the community, empowers and promotes change. You will be able to book the courses online through MOCHNI. Details on prices, locations and program coming soon.


Who is the course for?

The Ethical Fashion course is for students and everyone who wants to learn more about the basics on ethical and sustainable fashion.

What you will learn:

You gain basic knowledge about ethical and sustainable fashion, the importance of sustainable fashion, traceability of the supply chain, the impact of materials on the environment, international standards, new innovative materials, the future of the industry, how to change the industry, introduction of local ethical brands, why community matters, people to know, upcoming trends and much more…


Who is the course for?

The Ethical Fashion Blogger course is for everyone who wants to start corporate or personal blogging ethically and professionally about sustainable fashion.

What you will learn:

You learn how ethical blogging can change the fashion industry, the importance of sustainable fashion (quick insight of course A), how to set your vision and goals, how to define your USP, how to target your readership, how to use different social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter), how to set up a content plan, how to turn your blog into a business, how to create a media kit and negotiate, technical tools, practical photo style tips and much more…

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