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Eco Fashion Week Australia: The Fashion Labels

Eco Fashion Week Australia: The Fashion Labels

In the weeks leading up to our trip to Perth for Eco Fashion Week Australia, we will be introducing you to some of the designers who will participate at the Eco Fashion Week Australia. These may be new and upcoming brands, or those already well established in the eco fashion world. We here at MOCHNI, strive to introduce the world of sustainable fashion to more and more people in an effort to leave the unfair and unethical world of fast fashion behind. Read further to discover our first part of the series Eco Fashion Week Australia: The Fashion Labels. 


SKYLARK embodies the term “conscious design”. All processes have been carefully considered to ensure the sustainability of off pieces. The patterns have been designed to fit the Zero-Waste approach using textiles specifically developed for Slow Fashion. All pieces of material are sectioned off before cutting to ensure all of the “scraps/offcuts” of fabric can be used within the design. Though the designer Sheridan Joyce called Perth in Western Australia home, the clean designs are often adorned with Nordic inspired embroidery.

See an interview with Skylark designer Sheridan here.

Instagram: @skylarkthelabel


Studio Membrane designer Hiroaki Tanaka creates simple yet extraordinary clothes that define a clear relationship between the body and its environment. Hiroaki incorporates eco-friendly design methods like zero wast and recycling to reduce the amount of fabric being wasted and to make his collection break down in soil naturally. He chooses biodegradable fabrics like wool and renewable materials such as pulp molds and recycled plastic bags. For his newest collection “Useless Beauty” he was inspired by the Japanese traditional technique known as ‘kumiko’. He created his collection on the body by ‘braiding’ or ‘holding’ without sewing the cloth. We are so excited to see his arty collection at Eco Fashion Week Australia in November.

See an interview with Studio Membrane designer Hiroaki Tanaka here.


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