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Eco Fashion Week Australia: The Fashion Labels

Eco Fashion Week Australia: The Fashion Labels

Here is our third part of the series Eco Fashion Week Australia: The Fashion Labels. Only 3 weeks left until we are on the road to Perth to see the latest collections of Australia´s newcomer designers. Here, we introduce two more designers which we like a lot and can not wait to meet live. The first Eco Fashion Week Australia will take place from November 23rd – 27th in Perth, Western Australia.


Green Embassy is an ethical fashion label that creates modern yet timeless sculptural pieces using luxurious, organic materials with traditional and handmade techniques. Each item is unique and entirely hand-crafted by the artist and mastermind behind the label, Zuhal Kuvan-Mills; the pieces truly are items of wearable contemporary art. All items under the label are certified by GOTS and handmade in Australia, and ensure the ethical and ecologically mindful labour conditions and production practices.

See an interview with Zuhal here!

Instagram: @greenembassy


Photos: John Ablaza

From the beginning of his career, Manilla based designer John Ablaza, had always wanted to include sustainable and organic materials into his pieces. It is his contribution to protecting the natural environment, and helping inform those around him of the benefits of doing so. John draws inspiration from nature and his global travels. He incorporates many natural materials such as coco shells, coco beads, seeds, and animal fibres into his creations and each piece tells a story. Advocacy is also an important part of his brand and, and by carefully selecting local artisans and materials, he can help tell the story of the importance of sustainable fashion and preserving our ecosystems.

Read an interview with John here.

Instagram: @johnablaza

In partnership with Eco Fashion Week Australia.

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