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ANNE GORKE: Talking Backstage About Her Eco Friendly Fashion Label

ANNE GORKE: Talking Backstage About Her Eco Friendly Fashion Label

anne gorke eco fashion designer backstage fashion week berlin mochni

Anne Gorke is one of the most authentic German fashion designers, who presented her collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Her label ANNE GORKE is an eco friendly fashion label from Weimar, Germany. The label was founded by Anne in 2012 and is focused on organic textiles and the highest standards in German craftsmanship. The clothes are non toxic, additive free with a beautiful colored print. Scroll through to read the full interview with Anne Gorke and see all backstage pics below.

anne gorke eco fashion designer backstage fashion week berlin mochni

You literally rockt your latest runway show. Congratulations to your new collection and your pregnancy, obviously. How many times did you present your collections with a runway show in Berlin already? Are you still nervous before the show, especially during pregnancy?

This was our sixth runway presentation. The tension is always present, this simply doesn’t get better. You have higher expectations with each show, so the tension grows and grows with each show too. But it’s healthy,I guess, you stay awake and hungry.
Being pregnant in general makes you slightly calmer and more pragmatic. But the nervousness regarding the presentation of your newest collection rises slightly due to that fact. In work situations people tend to react in a certain different way to a pregnancy. They put you aside, they sort of take you out of the game and put you on the bench instead. And of course that leads to some pressure, no matter how confident you are.

Where do you seek your inspiration from?

Inspiration somehow just ‚happens’. I constantly observe my surrounding and notice many details. And certain moments kind of set sparks free and that’s where and when ‚it’ happens. And once I have that initial moment I just follow my intuition and read and watch whatever I develop a demand for.

You are an eco- friendly designer. What does that mean?

That means that I care about how I work. By producing your own products you have a responsibility, especially in these days. We know more and more about regular textile production and its consequences for humans and nature. People actually die while producing for the fast fashion market, the environmental damages due to regular production of fabric and leathers are massive. There is just so much bad stuff going on – why add to that? Our claim is: too cool for cruel. It is just cooler to take responsibility and to care.

anne gorke fashion designer backstage at fashion week berlin mochni

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What is your goal for the next years? Are you going to have a baby break?

My goal for the next years has been and still is to build a company and to develop a clothing line, that makes women happy and makes their everyday life more fun and more easy-elegant.
Now I have to organize my work life more carefully and be more disciplined. But I guess that I am not able to take a complete break, because I just love my work too much.

anne gorke eco friendly fashion label photo by mochni
Anne Gorke at her spring summer 2016 presentation in Berlin.

anne gorke fashion designer backstage fashion week berlin mochni

Photos: Antonia Leoni

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