What The F*ck Are Vegan Condoms?

Today is World AIDS Day – which we see as a beautiful reminder to unite…

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5 Ways To Empower Women & Girls In India Through Menstrual Products

India has over 355 million menstruating girls and women, but only around half of them…

9 Action Steps To Stop Racism And White Supremacy


7 Ways This E-scooter Makes My City Life Time-Saving, Flexible And Independent

Welcome to the new normal. Of course, there are challenges and adjustments to the new…

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15 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

“…and this is all the plastic shit I found in my house” Image: Plastic Planet Documentary…

The Menstrual Cup Changed My Life: Here Are 10 Reasons Why

YYYYYour Vagina’s Best Friend {(.)}

The Difference Between Home Compostable And Compostable Packaging

In partnership with The Better Packaging Co. We are only too aware of the irreparable,…

Why Walking Barefoot Is Actually Good For You

1. It´s Relaxing

6 Eco Fashion Books We Can Recommend To Read

The book is back.

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Conscious Loft: The 1st Sustainable Industry Event For 300 Guests In A Private Home

We´re grateful for the amazing experience and time we had at our 1st Edition of…

Our Top 15 Superfood Powders And Their Benefits

Collaboration with Terra Elements

2 Reasons Why Soft Water Is Good For Textiles & The Environment

In partnership with Best Water Technology.

Report: Traditional Plant Based Textile Dyeing in Thailand

Visit to a factory in Thailand

6 Easy Types Of Meditation You Can Do Right Now

Meditation is about bringing awareness to the voice in your head, it’s about trying to…

How To Make Your Zero Waste Natural Bug Repellent At Home

Illustration: Lianne Middeldorp Our New York-based contributor Rachel has the ultimate tip how to create…

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Harriet Emily´s Incredible Sound Bath Experience in Santa Monica

Harriet Emily: “My first encounter of the healing power of sound was during a Gong…

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Book Review: `Slow Fashion – Aesthetics Meets Ethics´ by Safia Minney

Safia Minney: Founder People Tree | Managing Director of Po-Zu sustainable footwear brand | Ecologist…

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5 Ayurvedic Practices You Can Do Everyday

Ayurveda means science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science) and it is a…