Fashion Culture

Is Fast Fashion Really Democratic Fashion?

The hardest thing to swallow ‘fast fashion = democracy’

Is Fast Fashion Racist?

Yes, Fast Fashion is Racist!

Mayan Weaving Textiles And How To Preserve The Culture In Guatemala

In partnership with MARYSAL. Mayan weaving textiles originate from the beautiful Central American country of Guatemala…

RŪPAHAUS: New Ethical Aussie Label Supports Indonesian Artisans

We met Stephanie in Australia.

climate change
Deforestation And Climate Change Impacts The Natural Habitat Of Tribal Cultures

Illustrations by Christy McCormick

Cultural Misappropriation: A Fashion Trend To Avoid

We have all seen the ‘globetrotter’ and ‘eclectic traveler’ theme pop up in fashion time…

South America. Traditional Weaving And It´s Social Impact

“What we save, saves us.”

difference between haute couture and pret a porter mochni
The Real Difference Between Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture

Are you asking yourself: “What is the difference between Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture?” In this…